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How YOU can contact ETs/UFOs, Dr. Steven Greer

Published on Mar 13, 2015

Dr J Andy Ilias interviewed Dr. Steven Greer on DMRN on 3/12/15. Check out Dr. Greer's site and check out the workshops 3/29 in Washington DC and on 4/18 in Los Angeles where YOU can learn to make peaceful contact with extraterrestrials using the CE-5 protocols established by Dr. Greer. Become one of the chosen ones to attend these coveted workshops by applying at the above site. Hurry, tickets are limited and always sell out.

On this new YT channel dedicated solely to interviews of Dr. J's, hear all the interviews by Dr. J. Dr J RADIO LIVE aka ROAM radio airs Tuesday-Friday on Dark Matter accessible through We DO take guest requests and join the mailing list so YOU can be a part of exclusive pre-records with TOP guests or to get priority in Tuesday's LIVE shows. Follow Dr. J on ALL social media including FB, twitter, flickr, tumblr, instagram all under accounts: @DrJradioLIVE, drjradiolive or website ; much more to come as all 200+ shows over last 3 years will be uploaded.
Here is the original air date schedule: (2013-2015) and BOTH Dark Matter shows (204-2015):
Revradio Schedules (2013-2015)
;first 3 months not listed;
5/17 Stanton Friedman

5/24 roger Leir

5/31 Richard Dolan

6/6 Dr. Greer

6/13 kiernan & john searl

6/20 Col. Dr. Jesse marcel jr

6/27 Kathleen Marden & Denise stoner

7/4 Jordan maxwell

7/11 Stanton Friedman

7/11 William Henry

7/18 Stanton Friedman

7/25--Bradley Lockerman & John Searl.

8/1--Bob Evans & Dr. Roger Leir

8/8 Debate between nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman v. Famed debunker Robert Sheaffer
8/15--Denise & Kathleen marden & abductee Ricky C
8/22 Jaime Maussaun/David dunger
8/29 Sean David Morton
9/5 UK Ministry of Defense, Nick Pope
9/12 Yvonne Smith & Ricky G
9/19-Jim Marrs
9/26--Donald Schmitt & Tom Carey
10/10 Dr Greer hour 1
Hour 2 Stephen Bassett

10/17- Apollo 14 astronaut & 6th man on the moon, Dr. Edgar Mitchell & Paul Davids

10/24-- Colin Andrews

10/31 --Stanton Friedman

11/7 --Yvonne Smith & Thomas Reed

11/14-- Dr Barry Taff

11/21 --dr. Michael sala

11/27 (rt) LA Marzulli

12/5 Barbara lamb

12/12 Stephen Bassett & bob Evans

12/19 Nigel Kerner

12/26 abductee Ricky G

1/2 Stanton Friedman

1/9 Ron Gardner

1/16 senator gravel

2/6 Kerry Cassidy & free mason James wright

2/20 senator mike gravel & Stephen Bassett

3/6 Sean stone

3/13 john Burroughs & pat Frascogna

3/20 Yvonne smith, Travis Walton & capt salas

3/27 Susan Shumsky & Denice Marcel

4/3 Timothy good & Steven d. Kelley

4/10 Jordan Maxwell
4/24 Son of Ozzy Osbourne, Jack Osbourne; Jon Sumple
5/8 CIA contractor/pilot john Lear & Jeremy corbell
5/15--Dr Greer & Lawren Leo
5/22 Edgar Mitchell & Tracy Austin
5/29-Ted peters
6/5 Dr. David Jacobs, Temple university

6/12 Don Schmidt

6/19 James gilliland

6/26 Erich von Daniken & Marie jones

7/3 Linda Moulton Howe

7/10 dr Steven Greer

7/17 congressman Merrill CooK

7/24 nick Redfern

7/31 Travis Walton

8/14 Bassett

8/21 Former Canadian Defense Minister, Honorable Paul Hellyer

9/11 Stanton Friedman

9/18 grant Cameron

9/25 Ricky g

10/2 Charylene McCain

10/9 Alfred webre

10/16 Dan Willis

10/23 abductees, justin Travis Walton

10/30 We Paolaharri

11/6 la marzuilli hour 1 hour

11/20 Robert & Marylyn salas

12-4 bill & nancy byrnes

12-11 Jeremy Corbell & Reuben Langdon

12-18 Tom Schaffer

1/1 dream panel (Peter moon, Preston Dennett, tom Shaffer)

1/8 Alejandro Rojas

1/15 Paul Hellyer

1/22 bill hall (world's most haunted house

1/29 Douglas deitrich

2/5 Ardy Sixkiller Clarke (South American ufos)

2/12/14 Thom Reed, Matt Reed, Denice Marcel and Jesse Marcel III


9/16 jimmy church
9/23 john Lear
9/30 grant Cameron
10/7 LA Marzulli
10/14 Paul Hellyer
10/21 Richard Dolan
10/28 Linda Moulton Howe
11/4 Jaime Maussan
11/11 Congressman Cook
11/18 Stephen Bassett
11/25 Stanton Friedman
12/2 Senator Gravel (
12/9 jan Harzan
12/16 Kathleen Marden
12/23 Anthony Sanchez
12/30 Ricky G
1/6 Linda Cortile & Thom reed
1/13 grant Cameron
1/20 dr Greer
1/27 Reuben Langdon
2/3 William Henry
2/10bob wood
2/17 Betty Andreasson
2/24 skeptic Robert Shafer
3/3 richard Dolan
3/10 Linda Moulton Howe
3/17 Chris Bledsoe Sr.
3/24 Congressman Merril Cook of Citizen Hearing/Nick Pope
4/2 timothy green beckley

Dark Matter Thursday shows
January--John Lear, Jim Marrs/Paola Harris, Dannion Brinkely/Ernesto Ortiz,
2/5 Erich Von Daniken/Sean Stone
2/12 Honourable Paul T. Hellyer


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