Wednesday, 30 September 2015


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  1. people love pleasure and houses then die they aint doing nothing, then they attack with words
  2. 1929 was hell the came back 1930s many dead in 1960s the fake moon landings and assasinations much mind
  3. like as well notice why was attacked because supporting
  4. 1970s 1980s the as enemy its all scripted. then we serbia now southern eu is islamic

  5. at least the day is good things are happening but dont goto to a wedding in the elites helping
  6. if we do go to i would certainly get rid of and and the and id say dont lie them be ok
  7. keep on digging and reminding what really is going on what to look at what to retain and always work alone pissoff
  8. i know kill em off by done by done by freemasons and load of
  9. what about the one and the man in dec at xamas the elites love that over 6 dead nice
  10. i had a mossad t shit, i loath the and its freemasons they must go, more lies from soon
  11. i dont work with groups i loathe them i hate my peer group, i wont weat the jesuit fawks mask
  12. set up the footage always check the time stamp as with #9/11
  13. its to get points low levels eat shit higher levels cause war the scottisrite is so good at #32
  14. could be read as misery
  15. well done its the mark of the beast
  16. was a oh look i have a machete i will feature
  17. twitter is stopping the scum doing these events, lets hope the tide turns on them
  18. its the that allowed to live
  19. dont worry its the who kills people who eg
  20. i wonder if can help us and
  21. we need the marx brothers to lead what a film
  22. its a script its a movie no idea what is true, will army goto slaughter they defend liars we need a coup
  23. i know they take the piss and laugh i know what they are like i met those who go into intelligence
  24. i dont trust those that govern the they just want high house prices thus should bomb them
  25. people need to ignore its kind control like watching sport, many will join uk army to get slaugter uk is weak
  26. its being exposed, the education we have had is crap, we are acting like animals what things we can possess its bs
  27. why did the defend a nation full of
  28. why did the get so much attention yet was involved he was in with the
  29. in the film the usual suspects all the clues are on the board, bush is surrounded by clues he is thinking we will get away
  30. you notice bush is next to 2 cycle wheels it looks like an owl they hate us
  31. must be pissed i wonder if and wil focus on some entertainers as distraction tonight
  32. soon major events happening, people in are so arrogant mucho death by the end of the rugby tournament
  33. its a good link is voodoo causing the problems, and are midgits
  34. oh yes the is on the run, with money i8ts all about killing and lying
  35. major news will follow the and are up shit creek did we supply weapons that killed the in
  36. will saudi turkey and jordan be exposed as well mpoor being found out for #9/11 never kill off your own people
  37. beware your lies will find you out as the sleeps they will lose it all, no more bragging about the kids and the house


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