Monday, 28 September 2015


Satan slaying ... it's EASY wiv ..

An update, for those mainly in USA, who will have missed this mornings conversation with the FREEMASON

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Sunday, 27 September 2015
whom we believe may be in the UK (?) ... the conversation in part, continued (still happening now)

  1. SATAN slaying :)
  2. its demonic so we need the skills eg spiritual warfare the uk police have the 8 sided octogon badge
  3. Are the 8 sides representative of this? (as far as I managed to make it.... save more into each onsite
  4. prob an obsession with the choc starfish they worship the rabbit hole
  5. bright eyes burning like fire
    Tweet text
  6. Such a great time to be alive on earth
  7. So much opportunity to give
  8. So much injustice so much need for justice
  9. They wanted no trials
  10. They wanted assassinations
  11. Fair's FAIR! :)
  12. Fair's FAIR! :)
  13. Fair's FAIR! :)
  14. Fair's FAIR! :)
  15. SATAN slaying :) Me, I just love it :)
  16. Small matter of a few jumped up pricks in uniform to get bullets into ... before we can get off the distraction of killing
  17. Cordial relations having been directly re-established by rather a lot of screaming and shouting into that huge country
  18. Soon be able to get onto much more interesting things again
  19. Like this also in from Brian Charles over at that establishment of fine HUMAN
  20. I can do black helicopters ... too :)


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