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In the first video, Derek Gilbert welcomes Chris Pinto, a filmmaker who recently did a documentary on the infamous Georgia Guidestones. Derek, who hosts A View From the Bunker and co-hosts P.I.D. Radiowith his wife, Sharon K. Gilbert, reveals that the Mystery of the Georgia Guidestones has been solved.Chris Pinto discusses his new film, Dark Clouds Over Elberton, and how he and colleague Dr. Michael Bennett (Dr. Future) hunted down the answer to the biggest question about the Guidestones: Who was the mysterious R.C. Christian? I have been a long time listener of Derek’s on both P.I.D. Radio, and A View from the Bunker, and if you haven’t heard his shows before, I highly encourage you to download either podcast from iTunes. Derek and Sharon are both devout Christians, who investigate many of the same conspiracies so many of us do, but they do so from a Biblical perspective. 

In the first video, Chris Pinto explains how many biblical scholars believe that certain prophecies predict a future holocaust. Other researchers who study the Illuminati and the New World Order are all too familiar with the “First Commandment” so to speak, and it most definitely calls for a mass extinction of humans. It reads:


In examining the history of the Guidestones, Chris Pinto also became the first person to figure out who the mysterious R.C. Christian REALLY is, the actual creator of the Guidestones. I’ll let you watch the video to see how Chris was able to unravel that mystery, but it all comes down to a paper trail. R.C. Christian needed financing to pay for the Guidestones, and as luck would have it, his banker was willing to spill enough of the truth for Chris to put the rest of the missing pieces in the place. 

Chris Pinto also explains why the Georgia Guidestones are so often referred to as the “10 Commandments of the Antichrist,” and what those commandments have to do with the sinister plans of the Illuminati and the global elites of today. After determining R.C. Christians true identity, Chris Pinto found that Christian had also written a book, which confirms the worst fears of the Georgia Guidestones. Two very popular topics in the book are Eugenics and Population Control. Check out the first video below:  

TV News  9/14/2015  
Secret of the Georgia Guidestones

Wikipedia defines Eugenics as: A set of beliefs and practices which aims at improving the geneticquality of the human population.[4][5]"


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