Sunday, 27 September 2015


5 Signs Your Third eye is Opening

Not 100% perfect, but not a bad description .... and neatly, some new semantics, a new lexicon, to help us express and define, what's happening to those of us, who are on this journey.

I particuarly decided to put this one, when he said (remember how pissed off I was gettiing on Twitter with all the morons going (and nothing but) "fucking hell" .. "Bloody hell" ... when he says ... "And this can be very hard <g> ... Shit, was that boring (and DISTRACTING) ... If you're clued into CLAIRAUDIENCE, well now, for the moment, I'd still better not say too much ... I don't (ever) fancy a THIRD detention, for talking about this stuff, too openly.

A helpful graphic:

I've taken direct download through my third chakra; specifically, from whom I assume due to the other related events, may well have been ORION BLUE FIRE COMMAND ...

As ever, with this stuff, let's get busy, working it all out, together.


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