Tuesday, 4 August 2015


And the first hint, of the possible cover-up of what we all know, lies underneath; my emphasis supplied.


A new cache of classified Government files on historic child abuse has been brought to light thanks to The Mail on Sunday.

A request by this newspaper forced the Home Office to trawl archives for correspondence that had been overlooked during previous searches for evidence of VIP paedophiles and alleged cover-ups at the highest level of government.

It led to the discovery of 21 previously buried documents covering topics such as ‘children being lured away from their parents’, ‘an anonymous MI5 officer convicted of sex offences’, ‘satanism’ and ‘access of police surgeons to alleged victims’.

A separate search of uncatalogued Cabinet Office records uncovered a shock letter showing an MI5 chief and top civil servant discussing the political damage caused by a Tory MP’s ‘penchant for small boys’.

Earlier this year, this newspaper revealed how the Cabinet Office repeatedly blocked the release of documents that proved Margaret Thatcher was told former Liberal MP Cyril Smith was a paedophile.

The revelations will fuel suspicions of a potential cover-up.

Jeremy Oppenheim, director of safeguarding at the Home Office, said in a letter to the independent reviewers of the material: ‘Following correspondence from [then Lib Dem MP] John Hemming and a subsequent enquiry from The Mail on Sunday, we have conducted some additional searches that were the subject of these enquiries.

‘These searches identified some unregistered Home Office papers held at the National Archives.’  Continues.

Notice the file was classified, AND 'overlooked'.


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