Sunday, 2 August 2015


I have dug into this to know enough that one always has to be careful when dealing with anyone who thus far has not proven with enough relevant cogent evidence even the base of their claims and yet, at least 3 out of the 4 people here, I think may yet be worth listening to.

I've dug into one of the participants in the above enough to find Project Avalon have made a public statement disassociating themselves from both one of the above participants AND what they have said.

Other relevant links:

Interesting random qute and link I got lost in ...

"Angela Frey I have been photographing orbs since 2003 and have written about them on my website at this address: However, I captured on camera two different visitations from the Blue Orb Sphere Being the first of which was witnessed by seven people. GoodET is correct in that the Sphere Being teach you. I have shown these photographs to Navajo, Cherokee, Blackfeet, Nez Pierce, Lakota chiefs, headman and medicine people as well as several Tibetan Llamas who then start teaching me in English what I have failed to understand by direct download. Indigenous people have communicated with these beings for "thousands of years". The Blue Orb Sphere Beings have become my passport into Inter-dimensional as well as Indigenous Councils. Don't miss the page about Star Kids because it sounds like your son is one. My own son started me on this path when he was four years old. Now, four decades later we are raising another Star Kid who literally found us on the street when he was 8. Star Kids find their are fortunate."

Anyone with kids etc, might later find the last link useful?


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