Tuesday, 7 July 2015


Well I am of the mind this restructuring has taken far, far too long thus far. We have spread the word talked the talk but still we remain prisoners to the scumbag cabal. We have to get physical, we have to start taking the law into our own hands if there is change to be expected. Let the Mr. Nice guy shit fall by the wayside .....let's start making things happen. As the old saying goes there are three kinds of people ; the kind of people who make things happen, the kind of people who see things happen, and the kind of people who wonder what the hell happened. Which one are YOU ! Time to make the difference.
Throughout history there has never been great change without great sacrifice end of story. Nothing is going to be done peacefully get that through your head NOTHING.The cabal already know that and are laughing at the dumb chicken shit sheeple as they stand idle and do nothing, all along thinking someone like the White Hats or another group is going to suddenly make the world a better place to live and remove the dark scumbag cabal. Well how's that worked so far folks .......NOT !
I truly feel people must get together in small groups covertly and take these scumballs out silently and methodically one by one. Once they start disappearing and no one knows how or why or who then sooner than later they will know their number is coming up and cease and desist out of cowardice. That is what they are scumbag chicken shit cowards and currently wasting our good air........time to go. If the good military isn't going to do shit, the police force who are supposed to uphold the law isn't doing shit, and the judicial system is paid off to the point they aren't going to do shit, our playing by the RULES isn’t doing shit we all see where that has gotten us so far. The only thing left is to take matters into our own hands and take them out as in exterminate the cockroaches that they are.
What, it’s okay for these pieces of shit to chuck bankers off the roof, kill them with nail guns or shoot them in the back of the head three times and have their paid judges call it a suicide while the police do shit, no one is arrested and on an on it goes. Take down the trade towers killing thousands of lives, everyone knows it was an inside job, still nothing is done. Steal our money blatantly time after time year after year ….. through illegal banking procedures world wide get caught and never serve a minute in jail …….one of you try that and see how it works out for ya ! Start wars and have brave sons and daughters march off to fight while they sit comfortably in a safe environment free from harm while these brave soldiers die and return in body bags stuffed with opium/heroine and still nothing happens to the scum. This shit has got to end NOW ! This is the time to make the move people, show these chicken shit low life scum their time in the sun has just ended period. The time for their murdering, lying, cheating thieving bullshit is stopping once and for all …..the hard way.
White Hats are not going to do this for us, I commend them for their effort and for those that have given the ultimate sacrifice but their efforts are in vain. The time to remove the gloves is long over due. The time for fighting this battle from a desk or with words is finished. The time to watch another fellow human and loved one fall because of their evil, vile, murdering, sociopathic, sick perverted, devil worshipping sacrificial lowlife scum bags ends NOW. So People lets get together and make the change before it goes any further, let’s do it for ourselves, our children and for our grandchildren………stand up and be counted. Let’s git’r’dun as they say. Let’s make this happen. Good luck to everyone who has the balls to take up the cross and take the necessary steps to return our lovely planet of abundance back to normal before it goes any further. The right is on your side ……..just know that in your heart.


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