Friday, 31 July 2015


Be aware, I'm 'raw' as still (only out now what about 3 weeks, not even half as long as the 8 weeks I was being forcibly drugged in a place I was taken to without my consent (and for the record, a certain Dr Donahue, of Joseph Palmer Centre, lied his way into my home to get me detained ;))) ... I have so much insight; I'm afraid to write words on the posts, any of them, at the moment. A moment in which it's so hard to find the courage to continue.

Perhaps my words might just save a planet

I do.

For those of you that saw the exchange with @furiousnurse on twitter; you may recall, a number of times, I went through the sensation of 'something' on/in my shoulder blade area, and then, moments later, being overcome with a tiredness so bad ... I only remembered it upon waking, sometimes up to 6 or 7 hours later ...


"EL: Do they have a method for draining our energy?

MR: Yes. They place a psychic “hook” into the person and drain their energy. They do it slowly so as not to arouse suspicion.

(EL-Maybe this is one of the reasons for chronic fatigue amongst so many abductees!)


EL: Most importantly, how can other abductees and mind control victims protect themselves from this kind of thing?


1. Step one is to establish a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Without His help, there will be no lasting freedom from the demonic armies of the enemy.

2. Repair your body of the damage that has been done to it. Drink pure water only. No fluoride toothpaste. No MSG. Eat nothing containing aspartame. No candy, no liquid candy (soft drinks). No alcohol. Eat only good fats and oils (olive oil and butter). No microwaved food. Remove mercury fillings from your teeth.

3. Use kinesiology to put your body back in balance.

4. Use a colon cleanse to clean out the accumulated garbage in your system.

5. Do a parasite cleanse to kill the parasites in your colon.

6. Use the clearing biofeedback meter to uncover and eliminate the results of any abduction or involvement in mind control programs."

I bet everyone reading this can find at least one thing on the list .... leaving aside 11 (G_D) .... I hope you didn't miss the post, THE MEANING OF GOD ...

I went looking for advice, and I went looking for advice from someone whom I have come to KNOW is genuine in at least his understanding as conveyed by me to all:

 #CrowdActivism Think BIG! : #HUMANITY DEFENCE OF THE REALM #ED #ASCENSION via @censorednewsnow

And you can even all hang out with whom I assume is Micheal Relfe hisself:



MILAB Recruit into Multiple Black Ops Programs & SSP Experience 17 + 20 Years Experience - 1976-1987 (w/recall work done in 89 - Present). Corey/GoodETxSG


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