Wednesday, 22 July 2015


  1. Neocon Nutjob US Rep Advocates Murdering More Civilians in &
    Tweet text
  2. Chips down time

  3. Link in to gone down suspended > so don't waste what came out perhaps at the cost of his life
  4. The biggie 911 311 etc
  5. It's HUGE! xx V
  6. And I just had to do another 2 months on the inside of a psych unit because of this little lot; soooooo .... bang 'em out bro :) V
  7. I think some bright spark @ may have had his little bit of fun with the psychiatrist when suddenly out of nowhere <g> ....
  8. The psych asks me ... what's this I hear you think you spent a number of years on Mars <gg> <g>
  9. I put her right no, but as 'you' r asking.. ... <gg> .. I replied; that's lol
  10. Things got a little moar complicated ... after that exchange but fortunately 04 @therealroseane stepped in
  11. It was 29 days the first time Ian never mind the 8 weeks the 2nd time, nor etc, so, don't mess it up <gg>
  12. Uk end
  13. Torture slaughter me BIG mistake :) :) My turn now :)

#CrowdActivism Think BIG! : #AFRICA OPERATION MASON #OpMASON #OpGabon


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