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I need to be so careful on what I write at the moment, for so many reasons, I'm writing almost nothing, even by way of the usual introduction on the significance and/or importance, of certain research.

I'll likewise dob out on explaining thoughts on the below; smart readers of ... The White Rabbit! ... Might make connections, join the dots, as they say; noting first, this post:

Friday, 20 March 2015

#CryptoCracking 77 A-TEN (10) 17 #ETIR ILLUMINATI

And so, what is IR ... RITE - ET IR ... "

"New Tech Allows Face Recognitioin in Utter Darkness

Out of Shadows: New tech allows face recognition in utter darkness

© Jung Yeon-je
German researchers have developed a new technology that can identify a person in poor lighting or even in absolute darkness thus potentially solving one of the main issues of the modern face recognition systems.
Today’s facial recognition systems are based on matching clean and well-lit photos taken in the broad light. This poses a problem for law enforcement and security services when their object is in the shade.
However, a group of German scientists claim to have found a solution to this as they develop a new type of face-recognition system that analyzes a person’s thermal signature instead of relying on traditional methods.
As a part of the new study, Saquib Sarfraz and Rainer Stiefelhagen, two computer scientists from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany, created a system that analyzes mid-or-far-infrared images and matches them with the ordinary photos, thus allowing the people’s faces to be recognized. "


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