Wednesday, 29 July 2015


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  2. A tort and a common law crime :)

  3. " jurisdictions differ greatly over whether intent or knowledge is necessary. As noted above, many courts will
  4. "find malfeasance in office where there is "ignorance, inattention, or malice", which implies
  5. No intent required ignorance no defence :)
  6. And so which US State, has the clearest caselaw that no intent OR knowledge is required & which same
  7. state also has the death penalty :)
  8. And then we have the necessary nexus between US law and UK law and we extradite & fry 'em
  9. Or lethal inject them all
  10. And so we can watch these scumbags all say I didn't know until the cows come home or more likely, the needle :)
  11. Aiding and abetting 4 certain parties, extradition, and lethal injection fully in order
  12. IMNSHO with Mr Fuchs on oath in the USA, perhaps you might wish to start extradition proceedings
  13. For the scumbag currently ensconced hiding behind his veneer of our PM >
  14. Kindly convicted himself in full public world view in his speech; how apt a place :)
  15. HM the Queen has sovereign immunity NOT Prime Ministers


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