Friday, 5 June 2015

Zuzu Angel, brasilian fashion designer, was murdered in RIO, April/14/1976 by military agents, in an ambush set up to make her death look like an accident. The crime scene revealed that a car caused the fall of Zuzu car when leaving the tunnel which now got her name, in Rodrigo de Freitas Pound. Google paid tribute to her 94th birthday with this Doodle today.

She became a fashion show at the New York Brazilian Embassy, september/1971 in a surprise protest, which brought to the world the kidnapping, torture and death of his son Stuart Angel Jones who was a member of MR8, a group of guerrillas against the military dictatorship in Brazil. He was declared missing at the time.

WikiLeaks leaked documents which confirm details about the death of Zuzu Angel and his son relating them to agents of the military dictatorship in Brazil:

Army Major Freddie Perdigão Pereira was shoted in the crime scene. See more details:

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