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Published on 13 Jun 2015
After publishing the interview with Dale Lewis, I was contacted by Dale who said that his friend who met the soldier who went AWOL was now willing to come forward and share his story.

This is the audio recording with the man who was approached in a convenience store in Texas, by the soldier. This man prefers to keep his name private and is using the moniker "White Rabbit".

I urge everyone to listen and carefully consider the possibility that a false flag attack may be about to occur in Texas. Regardless of what happens we believe that warning people is the best defense against any operation in the works. Forewarned is forearmed.

Kerry Cassidy

Exit strategies- From NukePower's Wanton Abuses_ _ _ Ponzi-Scheme 2-D nth

NukePower - A most #ToxicVecto....HAs been a delusional sell from the GITGO !

Blowback- such as the ManhattanProject's original Run-Away (literally) "Hanford" multi- reactor Superfund leaking dump site, the Total Earth Envelope deliberate contamination by thousands of Nuke Arms test, Wanton Oceanic radiation dumping - in all of the 7 seas; and the Economic Hitmen's (see home page link)- continuing to sell...this obsolete & out-of control Death Wish ! Billions are being spent ( that is the on balance sheet- that we is acknowledged; as to how much is Black Boxed ?? ).

A recent Stanford "Breakthough" paper- calls for Totally dumping Nuke Power by 2050 =>


In a previous paper by MIT.....called for Dumping Nuke Power by 2025 ! abstr. from:

25 yrs. of additional Unpredictable Nuclear catostrophe(s) - Given how close #Fukushima was - to the Final END-OF-GAME meltdown ! Japan's Wise former Ambassador said it quite eloquently => ......Graphically illustrated, especially when over-layed on Earth's non-manmade MAjor Extinction Periods: .

The Real the whore politicians- chronic feed-bagging (like vampires) off of private profiteers interests, Banksters and corrupt WHO/U.N. and IAEA, as well as Depleted Uranium arms mfg/dealers !

Certainly, it is hoped- that You've taken the time to peruse through My extensive Hm-Pg + flipbooks...which have sub-links in comment sections and html links with the flipbooks. Perhaps, I've not focused upon the "COMPOSITE" picture ....combining that combined hammering away upon your health + the all so many #ToxicVectors ??

Toss them into an organized "wheel-of-Knowledge" such as washington Post's Defense interests wheel => ( go to the comment link through- for the original interactive map ).

To the average Joe/Joan - there is simply a ton of information out there on these combined Vectors ! @HealthRanger @martinume @David Icke @DrHCaldicott and many others (again see Hm-Pg link-thru(s) in flipbboks .... and if You've not connected the dots yet; it literally takes a full blown computer to D-base all the crap coming at you+yours, to intelligently shop and to design a best protection+action program !

Existentialism v. synergy ?? Alone, against these corrupt/Death-Wish powers- You are pretty much shooting blanks ! Major efforts- such as the shutting down of California's Rancho Seco & San Onofre..and Japan's 50 plants - cannot be delayed; the NEXT event....may be the ENDGAME- nearly realized by Fukushima .....( and the 3 other reactors, 10km down the coast- saved by 1-wire ! )

Live Well + Prosper ! Copy-Left => use as U see fit !

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