Saturday, 16 May 2015


A week ago, France has adopted a "revolutionary" law that citizens of this country, but for all of Europe, completely deprived of all civil rights.
Although all French, Italian, German and British media buzzing about this totalitarian enterprise of one member country, supposedly a democratic Europe, most of the media throughout the Balkans did not provide even the most basic information about developments within these "democratic" formations, which at the moment working on the enslavement of its population and which we are tireless candidate for a new member.


In France, in fact, passed a law under which the European police over the rights of every man, which is the freedom of Europeans scary compromised. Secret Service and police without a court order of a few days can monitor citizens in all possible ways: tapping the phone, read e-mails, locate phones, secretly recorded and placed in apartments bugs. In addition, for the first time in the history of this country, most of the chamber no longer have the right, as it was until now, to decide how long the monitoring measures to last. So, every French and European citizen is left at the mercy of repressive organs of prosecution before it makes a decision legislator has.

This is a gross violation of democratic procedures which were voted by 438 deputies (only 80 were against and 42 abstentions) the event is unprecedented in modern European history and thus can rightly be said to be back in Europe a police state Reichstag.
Unlike the former communist countries in which the bar were kept (mostly for show), laws about surveillance of citizens, this is not even that is not the case.
How does it work in practice can be seen in the example of the United States who have been practicing repression of its citizens. The latest example of this occurred last week when the special forces, armed to the teeth stormed the farm family with ten children in Kentucky, without any notice or paper, parents arrested, and children separated and distributed to who knows who, because nobody has managed to locate them thereafter. You might think that the reason for declining was child abuse? No! The real reason (even officially) is that this family through social networks promoted "simple" life with many children, and that includes our own cultivation of vegetables, fruit, meat and milk, which the US authorities have characterized as a threat to health.
This scandalous act of police entering and dispersing a beautiful home is what is happening in Western Europe and the proofs are many developments that too often go unnoticed in the media.
Why France?
A country that was the first, two hundred years ago issued the Declaration of the Rights of Man and so paved the way for a new, secular Europe but the whole of mankind? Is it a historical cynicism? Since the Declaration was once a symbol for all later libertarian country and this latest law can be the starting point for other European countries! Is Europe "built a house on sand"? The original Declaration 'was the slogan "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity or Death!". Later, the "death or" dumped, but the tone remained, and now things happen that can be characterized as "death of freedom."
The derogation of international law on human rights has now become just a "lack" of the law, and nothing happened. Under the guise of anti-terrorism, and in the absence of real terrorists EU indirectly proclaims 500 million of its citizens to terrorists and repressive police regime introduced in a big way: Creates a uniform EU center for espionage, ECTC who will oversee all the secret services of certain Member States and thus have information on all EU citizens will in one place. The latest espionage scandal rocking Germany and threatens to seriously rocked the credibility of Angela Merkel in the public eye just proves it. Apparently, the German secret service on the orders of American spying structure of the EU and France, while at the same time America spied Germany etc, etc ...
Before Germany now is the demand to open its secret channels, on the other hand America has no intention to sign a document on "nešpijuniranju" which Mrs. Merkel has promised his people after last year leaked information on wiretapping her phone by the Obama administration.
These days the German newspaper circulating e-mails between Merkel and Obama, in which nice if it is not the boss. For the first time citizens of Germany openly wondering who she works for Mrs. Merkel? No matter what, it seems to be used by all and everyone who's anyone in the EU in order to conduct "large agenda" - the draft of the New World Order.
This latest French law is just a perversion of the original Declaration of freedom, a perversion of recent European history, and Šarli Ebdo has become the trigger of these changes. Some time ago, Pravda wrote of another French "invention" which denied civil rights, but this case really goes beyond the most pessimistic expectations opponents of the system that develops behind the symbols of the European Union.
Are we sure we know where we are and we headed?


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