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"List of stars in DracoFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This is the list of notable stars in the constellation Draco.

Dist.(ly)Sp. classNotes
γ Draγ331640588783317h 56m 36.38s+51° 29′ 20.2″2.24−1.04148K5IIIEltanin, Etamin, Rastaban, Rastaben
η Draη141483878033116h 23m 59.51s+61° 30′ 50.7″2.730.5888G8IIIAldibain,[1] Booboo
β Draβ231591818567017h 30m 25.98s+52° 18′ 04.9″2.79−2.43361G2IIRastaban, Rastaben, Alwaid, Asuia
δ Draδ571807119437619h 12m 33.15s+67° 39′ 40.7″3.070.63100G9IIIAltais, Nodus Secundus, Nodus II, Aldib
ζ Draζ221557638389517h 08m 47.23s+65° 42′ 52.7″3.17−1.92340B6IIIAldhibah, Eldsib, Nod, Nodus I
ι Draι121377597545815h 24m 55.78s+58° 57′ 57.7″3.290.81102K2IIIEdasich, Eldsich, Ed Asich, Al Dhiba, Al Dhihi; has a planet (b)
χ Draχ441701538993718h 21m 02.34s+72° 44′ 01.3″3.554.0226F7VvarBatentaban Borealis, Batn al Thuban
Thubanα111232996875614h 04m 23.43s+64° 22′ 32.9″3.67−1.21309A0III SBAdib, Dragon’s Tail
ξ Draξ321635888758517h 53m 31.63s+56° 52′ 20.8″3.731.06111K2IIIGrumium, Genam, Nodus Primus, Nodus I
λ Draλ11000295621111h 31m 24.29s+69° 19′ 52.0″3.82−1.23334M0IIIvarGiausar, Giauzar, Gianfar, Giansar, Gaiusar, Juza
ε Draε631881199743319h 48m 10.21s+70° 16′ 04.2″3.840.59146G8IIITyl; binary star
κ Draκ51093876128112h 33m 29.04s+69° 47′ 17.6″3.85−2.07498B6IIIpShǎowèi (少尉);[2] γ Cas variable
θ Draθ131442847852716h 01m 53.70s+58° 33′ 52.0″4.012.4168F8IV-VShǎngzǎi (上宰)[2]
φ Draφ431700008990818h 20m 45.44s+71° 20′ 15.8″4.22−0.52289A0p (Si)Batentaban Australis, Batn al Thuban, Zhùshǐ (柱史);[2] α2 CVn variable
HD 81817818174719309h 37m 05.35s+81° 19′ 35.1″4.28−3.311076K3III
τ Draτ601819849464819h 15m 33.29s+73° 21′ 18.8″4.451.14150K3III
ρ Draρ671909409870220h 02m 49.05s+67° 52′ 24.4″4.51−0.97406K3III
ψ1 Dra Aψ1311620038661417h 41m 56.31s+72° 08′ 58.2″4.572.8572F5IV-VDziban, Dsiban; component of the ψ1 Dra System
CU Drai10CU1211306762713h 51m 25.94s+64° 43′ 23.8″4.58−0.82391M3IIIvariable
π Draπ581825649508119h 20m 40.07s+65° 42′ 51.9″4.600.41225A2IIIs
ο Draο471753069251218h 51m 12.01s+59° 23′ 17.8″4.63−0.34322K0II-III SBRS CVn variable
σ Draσ611851449610019h 32m 20.59s+69° 39′ 55.4″4.675.8719K0VAlsafi, Athafi; nearby
ω Draω281609228620117h 36m 57.09s+68° 45′ 25.9″4.772.9276F5V
45 Drad451716359090518h 32m 34.52s+57° 02′ 44.2″4.77−4.962885F7Ib
42 Dra421706939034418h 25m 58.99s+65° 33′ 48.8″4.82−0.12317K2IIIhas a planet (b)
υ Draυ521765249278218h 54m 23.77s+71° 17′ 49.5″4.82−0.30344K0III
18 Drag181511018166016h 40m 55.12s+64° 35′ 20.7″4.84−1.76681K1p
HD 1516131516138202016h 45m 17.79s+56° 46′ 54.1″4.842.7087F2Vspectroscopic binary
HD 91190911905180810h 35m 05.59s+75° 42′ 46.7″4.860.38257K0III
ν2 Draν2251595608582917h 32m 15.88s+55° 10′ 22.1″4.862.43100AmKuma; component of the ν Dra system
19 Drah191535978286016h 56m 01.36s+65° 08′ 04.8″4.883.9949F6Vvar
ν1 Draν1241595418581917h 32m 10.42s+55° 11′ 02.8″4.892.4899Am...Kuma; component of the ν Dra system
μ Dra Aμ211549058360817h 05m 20.18s+54° 28′ 11.5″4.912.7688F5Arrakis, Errakis, Al Rakis; double star
HD 1755351755359268918h 53m 13.54s+50° 42′ 29.8″4.92−0.15337G8III
15 DraA151492128065016h 27m 59.05s+68° 46′ 05.0″4.94−0.95491A0III
6 Dra61095516138412h 34m 44.07s+70° 01′ 18.4″4.95−1.17546K2III
CL DraCL1434667818015h 57m 47.59s+54° 44′ 58.2″4.962.31110F0IVδ Sct variable
39 Drab391700739015618h 23m 54.65s+58° 48′ 02.1″4.981.17188A3V
36 Dra361681518934818h 13m 53.36s+64° 23′ 49.9″4.993.1477F5V
54 Dra541806109449019h 13m 55.16s+57° 42′ 18.9″5.001.52162K2III
CQ Dra4CQ1089076099812h 30m 06.76s+69° 12′ 04.5″5.01−1.25581M3IIIacataclysmic variable
30 Dra301625798721217h 49m 04.33s+50° 46′ 50.0″5.020.90217A2V
35 Dra351639898723417h 49m 26.94s+76° 57′ 44.2″5.022.49105F6IV-Vs
1693058998118h 21m 32.68s+49° 07′ 17.3″5.02−1.80755M2III
46 Drac461735249175518h 42m 37.96s+55° 32′ 21.8″5.03−0.21364B9.5p...
17 Dra171501178129216h 36m 13.73s+52° 55′ 27.7″5.07−0.36397B9V
27 Draf271599668580517h 31m 57.89s+68° 08′ 04.9″5.070.95217K0III
59 Dra591807779408319h 09m 09.75s+76° 33′ 38.9″5.112.9389A9V
53 Dra531800069430219h 11m 40.52s+56° 51′ 32.7″5.130.03341G8III
AF Dra73AF19650210126020h 31m 30.40s+74° 57′ 16.8″5.18−0.35417A0p...α2 CVn variable
2 Dra21006965658311h 36m 02.62s+69° 19′ 23.7″5.190.84242K0III
1416537727715h 46m 39.95s+62° 35′ 58.9″5.190.59272A2IV
64 Drae641905449858320h 01m 28.53s+64° 49′ 15.6″5.22−0.97564M1III
8 Dra8IR1124296307612h 55m 28.56s+65° 26′ 18.8″5.232.9394A5nIR Dra; γ Doradus variable
26 Dra261602698603617h 34m 59.25s+61° 52′ 33.0″5.234.4946G0V
1749809205618h 45m 46.76s+74° 05′ 07.3″5.250.19335K0II-III
1482938016116h 21m 48.74s+69° 06′ 33.9″5.260.48294K2III
1504498143716h 38m 00.46s+56° 00′ 55.4″5.280.78259K1III
3 Dra31016735711111h 42m 28.43s+66° 44′ 41.3″5.32−1.15643K3III
19943710259920h 47m 33.56s+80° 33′ 08.5″5.36−0.09401K1III
9 Dra91130926343212h 59m 55.28s+66° 35′ 50.3″5.37−0.87577K2III
1472327980416h 17m 15.34s+59° 45′ 17.9″5.37−1.15657M4IIIa
50 Dra501752869211218h 46m 22.26s+75° 26′ 01.7″5.370.52304A1Vn
1717799101318h 33m 56.70s+52° 21′ 12.6″5.38−1.56795K0III
75 Dra7519678710096520h 28m 14.45s+81° 25′ 21.6″5.38−0.35456G9III
LV DraLV1770039329919h 00m 13.67s+50° 32′ 00.5″5.39−1.02623B2.5IVα2 CVn variable
51 Dra511782079371319h 04m 55.17s+53° 23′ 47.8″5.400.25349A0Vn
66 Dra661912779896220h 05m 32.73s+61° 59′ 42.9″5.401.77174K3III
7 Dra71113356242312h 47m 34.34s+66° 47′ 25.1″5.43−1.46778K5III
ψ2 Draψ2341646138772817h 55m 11.14s+72° 00′ 18.5″5.43−1.30723F2.5II-III
1454547889316h 06m 19.73s+67° 48′ 35.9″5.440.82273A0Vn
1071936004412h 18m 50.07s+75° 09′ 38.0″5.470.73289A1V
1315077266414h 51m 26.57s+59° 17′ 37.1″5.48−0.18442K4III
1752259254918h 51m 35.00s+52° 58′ 28.3″5.513.4385G9IVa
49 Dra491772499334019h 00m 43.47s+55° 39′ 29.9″5.51−0.40495G5IIbCN...
16 Dra161501008129016h 36m 11.43s+52° 53′ 59.9″5.530.09400B9.5Vn
1562958418317h 12m 32.56s+62° 52′ 27.2″5.542.44136F0IV
AC DraAC19425810026120h 20m 05.98s+68° 52′ 48.9″5.59−1.01681M5IIIvariable
1765989296918h 56m 25.74s+65° 15′ 29.4″5.620.70314G8III
1584608529017h 25m 41.36s+60° 02′ 54.0″5.650.56340A1Vn
1723409064718h 29m 44.96s+77° 32′ 49.5″5.65−0.17475K4III
1483748030916h 23m 47.19s+61° 41′ 47.0″5.670.16412G8III
48 Dra481764089299718h 56m 45.08s+57° 48′ 54.0″5.670.95286K1III
1576818495017h 21m 45.35s+53° 25′ 13.5″5.69−0.60591K5III
19429810035720h 21m 11.52s+63° 58′ 48.3″5.69−1.07733K5III
68 Dra681924559950020h 11m 34.74s+62° 04′ 42.1″5.702.26159F5V
DE Dra71DE19396410022120h 19m 36.70s+62° 15′ 26.7″5.710.39378B9Vspectroscopic binary
1065745974612h 15m 08.53s+70° 12′ 00.3″5.72−0.06468K2III
1374437526015h 22m 38.43s+63° 20′ 30.0″5.720.39380K4III
1280007111114h 32m 30.93s+55° 23′ 53.0″5.74−0.63612K5III
1388527597415h 30m 55.91s+64° 12′ 30.6″5.740.79318K0III-IV
41 Dra411668668813618h 00m 09.07s+80° 00′ 13.7″5.742.12173K2Vvarspectroscopic binary
1727289131518h 37m 33.51s+62° 31′ 35.3″5.740.16426A0V
DQ DraDQ1483308037516h 24m 25.33s+55° 12′ 18.2″5.750.50366A2svar...α2 CVn variable
1616938678217h 43m 59.16s+53° 48′ 06.3″5.750.24413A2V
76 Dra7619909510220820h 42m 35.10s+82° 31′ 52.0″5.750.55358A0V
1394937637615h 35m 57.08s+54° 37′ 50.0″5.771.38246A2V
μ Dra Bμ2115490617h 05m 19.70s+54° 28′ 13.0″5.80component of the μ Dra system
1425317773815h 52m 16.58s+55° 49′ 35.7″5.810.60359G8III:
ψ1 Dra Bψ1311620048662017h 41m 58.04s+72° 09′ 27.3″5.814.0773G0Vcomponent of the ψ1 Dra system
1758249282218h 54m 47.17s+48° 51′ 35.0″5.842.22173F3III
1194766679813h 41m 29.82s+64° 49′ 20.8″5.851.69221A2V
1397787650915h 37m 32.04s+54° 30′ 31.6″5.850.66355K1III:
1416757737015h 47m 37.91s+55° 22′ 35.8″5.851.34260A3m
1611788621917h 37m 08.84s+72° 27′ 20.7″5.870.91321G9III
1382657569615h 27m 51.44s+60° 40′ 12.8″5.90−0.41595K5III
1873409712219h 44m 18.40s+69° 20′ 13.6″5.900.24442A2III
1333887350715h 01m 27.11s+60° 12′ 15.9″5.910.91327A4V
CX DraCX1742379213318h 46m 43.08s+52° 59′ 16.7″5.91−3.212173B2.5Vγ Cas variable; Be star
1821909503819h 20m 16.00s+57° 38′ 42.4″5.91−1.25881M1III
19366410001720h 17m 30.63s+66° 51′ 10.7″5.914.6957G3V
1496508099116h 32m 25.66s+60° 49′ 24.0″5.920.86335A2V
1442047854216h 02m 05.56s+52° 54′ 57.6″5.93−1.07819K5III
1414727727215h 46m 34.88s+55° 28′ 28.6″5.94−1.581042K3III
37 Dra371686538944818h 15m 17.05s+68° 45′ 21.5″5.961.26284K1III:
74 Dra7419692510108220h 29m 27.31s+81° 05′ 26.7″5.961.96205K0III+...
HD 1393571393577631115h 35m 16.22s+53° 55′ 19.7″5.970.55396K4III:has a planet (b)
1670428904718h 10m 31.53s+54° 17′ 09.4″5.972.48163K1III
1373897525615h 22m 37.25s+62° 02′ 49.8″5.990.24461A0sp...
1130496334012h 58m 47.30s+75° 28′ 20.9″6.000.17477K0III
1611938656117h 41m 21.81s+51° 49′ 05.5″6.000.96332K0III:
1728839152518h 39m 52.81s+52° 11′ 45.7″6.00−0.19563A0p...
HD 1133371133376358413h 01m 47.15s+63° 36′ 36.6″6.013.14122F6Vhas a planet (b)[3]
1739499191518h 44m 18.27s+61° 02′ 53.1″6.020.78364G7IV
1539568313816h 59m 21.57s+56° 41′ 18.6″6.041.24297K1III:
1841029516719h 21m 40.24s+79° 36′ 10.4″6.061.18309A3V
1849589597819h 31m 00.29s+70° 59′ 21.3″6.06−0.35623K2
1725699119618h 36m 13.25s+65° 29′ 18.7″6.071.79234F0V
837274801709h 47m 18.14s+79° 08′ 12.2″6.090.56416F0V:
1639298774417h 55m 23.62s+55° 58′ 15.9″6.092.34184F0IV
1278217095214h 30m 46.30s+63° 11′ 08.7″6.103.59103F4IV
1733989160618h 40m 56.40s+62° 44′ 57.6″6.100.75383K0III
1546338335917h 02m 15.78s+64° 36′ 02.4″6.110.89360G5V
40 Dra401668658812718h 00m 03.37s+80° 00′ 01.9″6.112.58166K2Vvarspectroscopic binary
1744819226918h 48m 16.09s+48° 46′ 02.8″6.122.37183A7III
1598708592317h 33m 31.60s+57° 33′ 31.4″6.15−0.67755A5V+...
1899009830819h 58m 28.74s+63° 32′ 03.1″6.150.55430A3V
1543918328917h 01m 16.98s+60° 38′ 55.2″6.160.99353K1III
1728649018218h 24m 09.18s+83° 10′ 31.6″6.160.03548A2V
1504298135816h 36m 54.99s+63° 04′ 22.9″6.170.30487K5
948605376110h 59m 57.02s+77° 46′ 12.8″6.180.03553G9III
1511998184016h 42m 58.40s+55° 41′ 23.7″6.181.39295A2p...
1736649184318h 43m 29.01s+53° 52′ 18.5″6.18−1.651199A2IV
1445427863216h 03m 09.37s+59° 24′ 38.9″6.19−0.97883M1III
19750810104420h 29m 02.82s+83° 37′ 31.7″6.191.54277A4m
809304641009h 27m 51.63s+75° 05′ 53.9″6.200.39474A5Vs
1156126477413h 16m 28.66s+68° 24′ 28.7″6.200.46458B9.5V
69 Dra691909609840119h 59m 36.69s+76° 28′ 53.5″6.200.17525M3III
1466037941416h 12m 25.38s+67° 08′ 39.4″6.210.34486G8III
1593308569217h 30m 43.56s+57° 52′ 36.7″6.22−1.531156K2III
UX DraUX1835569515419h 21m 35.53s+76° 33′ 34.6″6.22−2.561863C5IIcarbon star; variable
19614210113420h 30m 00.72s+72° 31′ 54.3″6.23−0.37682K4III:
DL DraDL1297987187614h 42m 03.16s+61° 15′ 43.2″6.243.09139F2Vδ Sct variable
1758239273118h 53m 46.29s+57° 29′ 11.7″6.24−0.19631K5III:
1911749887220h 04m 44.51s+63° 53′ 24.4″6.241.77256A2II-III
835504788409h 45m 30.96s+78° 08′ 05.0″6.25−1.211012K2III
1644288729317h 50m 10.10s+78° 18′ 23.5″6.25−0.93891K5
ER DraER1279297104014h 31m 42.87s+60° 13′ 32.1″6.260.73416F0IIIδ Sct variable
1739209198518h 44m 55.39s+54° 53′ 49.9″6.26−1.10967G5III
55 Dra551799339414019h 09m 45.80s+65° 58′ 42.4″6.261.29321A0V
1500108092016h 31m 28.30s+72° 36′ 43.9″6.270.63438K2III
65 Dra651907139865820h 02m 20.16s+64° 38′ 03.8″6.271.21335G7III:
1742059181118h 43m 10.34s+70° 47′ 34.3″6.28−0.08610K2
DK DraDK1066775979612h 15m 41.51s+72° 33′ 04.5″6.290.59450K0III +K0IIIRS CVn variable
1540998288016h 56m 16.74s+73° 07′ 40.5″6.291.35317F0V
1557118402117h 10m 30.65s+52° 24′ 31.6″6.300.73424B9V
1690288983518h 19m 56.10s+51° 20′ 52.6″6.300.80410K1III:
1849369616419h 33m 10.06s+60° 09′ 31.2″6.30−1.541203K4III
1081506058912h 25m 06.38s+63° 48′ 10.0″6.310.31516G8III
1431877801715h 55m 49.66s+58° 54′ 42.2″6.310.54465A0V
1488808071016h 28m 43.41s+51° 24′ 27.8″6.310.91391G9III
1662078873218h 06m 53.47s+50° 49′ 21.4″6.310.94386K0III
1385247582215h 29m 21.13s+62° 05′ 58.4″6.32−0.28681K5
VW DraVW1569478449617h 16m 29.45s+60° 40′ 14.1″6.320.47482K1.5IIIbsemiregular variable
1767079319718h 58m 59.40s+50° 48′ 32.9″6.320.71432G8III
1902529833319h 58m 41.78s+70° 22′ 00.5″6.320.76421G8III
1913729889020h 04m 53.41s+68° 01′ 37.9″6.32−1.351116M3IIIa
1083996069912h 26m 24.47s+71° 55′ 47.6″6.330.95389G8III:
1456747912516h 09m 02.92s+57° 56′ 16.1″6.330.88401A1V
1609338618417h 36m 40.03s+69° 34′ 16.5″6.333.19139F9V
1767959271718h 53m 33.20s+75° 47′ 14.4″6.33−0.82876A1V
1056785929112h 09m 47.09s+74° 39′ 40.9″6.342.05235F6IV
1229096853714h 01m 50.70s+68° 40′ 43.3″6.340.05592K5
CN DraCN1877649732619h 46m 44.66s+68° 26′ 16.8″6.340.31525F0IIIδ Sct variable
1698859014618h 23m 47.95s+53° 18′ 03.1″6.351.26340A3m
1774839346619h 02m 07.04s+52° 15′ 40.1″6.35−0.12642G8III:...
1836119557619h 26m 26.46s+62° 33′ 25.4″6.38−0.22682K5III
826854726009h 37m 56.29s+73° 04′ 49.6″6.392.18227F2V+...
1211466758913h 50m 59.40s+68° 18′ 55.6″6.391.50310K2IV
1476627986716h 18m 09.81s+68° 33′ 16.0″6.390.09594K0
1647808767017h 54m 26.75s+75° 10′ 16.4″6.390.56479K0
1692218994318h 21m 07.15s+49° 43′ 31.5″6.39−0.17668K1III
20 Dra201536978289816h 56m 25.32s+65° 02′ 20.6″6.402.27219F1V
1759389204018h 45m 38.06s+79° 56′ 33.0″6.401.67288A8V
1543198311416h 59m 02.57s+69° 11′ 10.9″6.411.71284K0
1456947916416h 09m 26.01s+55° 49′ 44.1″6.430.79438K0
1708119047618h 27m 42.09s+59° 32′ 56.5″6.431.18365K0IV
1128266329712h 58m 18.87s+64° 55′ 31.8″6.44−0.59832K0
1379287558715h 26m 32.17s+54° 01′ 13.2″6.441.21363A2IV
1586338523517h 25m 00.90s+67° 18′ 24.1″6.445.9042K0V
1383387578815h 28m 56.83s+55° 11′ 41.5″6.451.64299A3m
1401177665115h 39m 09.52s+57° 55′ 27.9″6.450.78443K1III
1491988068216h 28m 21.17s+67° 02′ 38.4″6.45−0.18689M0
1782089373319h 05m 09.85s+49° 55′ 23.4″6.450.19583K3III
823274711909h 36m 06.79s+74° 19′ 08.0″6.460.78447B9V
1283327125114h 34m 15.70s+57° 03′ 57.0″6.464.1595F7V
1553288385717h 08m 17.08s+50° 50′ 32.0″6.46−0.17689A1V
1582598526817h 25m 24.14s+52° 47′ 26.9″6.464.2989G0
1765609306818h 57m 28.46s+58° 13′ 29.7″6.471.14380A2V
1853949629719h 34m 46.34s+63° 26′ 03.0″6.470.38539K2
910755188310h 36m 02.02s+80° 29′ 40.7″6.480.89428G4III:
1008585671611h 37m 42.31s+77° 35′ 44.5″6.49−2.091698K5
1584858531717h 26m 04.85s+58° 39′ 06.7″6.491.30356A4V
1863409677119h 40m 13.19s+60° 30′ 25.7″6.491.09391A5V
1673878910418h 11m 07.16s+60° 24′ 34.3″6.500.76459A1Vnn
1766689305318h 57m 17.34s+62° 23′ 48.7″6.501.65305G5IV comp
1841469460419h 15m 07.91s+83° 27′ 45.8″6.500.61492A3V
17 Dra1715011816h 36m 14.10s+52° 55′ 27.0″6.53
29 Dra291605388585217h 32m 41.35s+74° 13′ 38.2″6.611.54337K0III
RY DraRY1125596315212h 56m 25.89s+65° 59′ 39.9″6.63−1.811590C7Icarbon star; variable, Vmax = 6.5mVmin = 8.0mP = 172 d
38 Dra381690278959418h 16m 58.77s+68° 44′ 30.1″6.790.28655A0
205 Dra2051743439220418h 47m 29.57s+49° 25′ 55.4″7.190.28787F5
BY DraBY2346779100918h 33m 55.77s+51° 43′ 08.9″8.075.6654K6Veprototype of the BY Dra variables
HD 1562791562798417117h 12m 23s+63° 21′ 08″8.08119K0has a planet (b)
HD 1636071636078760117h 53m 40s+56° 23′ 31″8.15225G5IVhas two planets (b & c)
HIP 912589125818h 36m 53.0s+61° 42′ 09″8.65146G5Vhas a planet (b)
R DraR1498808101416h 32m 40.23s+66° 45′ 17.9″8.67−1.421042M6eMira variableVmax = 6.7mVmin = 13.2mP = 245.5 d
HD 1092461092466117712h 32m 07.19s+74° 29′ 22.4″8.774.69214G0Vhas a planet (b)
HD 1737391737399176818h 42m 46.7s+59° 37′ 49″8.9411.2011.5M3Vcomponent of Struve 2398, 15th nearest star system; flare star
HD 1737401737409177218h 42m 46.9s+59° 37′ 36″9.7011.9611.5M3.5Vcomponent of Struve 2398; flare star
Kepler-1019h 02m 43.06s+50° 14′ 28.7″10.964.77564Ghas two transiting planets (b and c)
GSC 03549-0281119h 07m 14.04s+49° 18′ 59.1″11.414.70718G0Vhas the transiting planet TrES-2
T DraT8782017h 56m 23.31s+58° 13′ 06.2″12.486.27568NevMira variable; Vmax = 7.2mVmin = 13.5mP = 421.2 d
Kepler-419h 02m 27.68s+50° 08′ 08.7″12.74.21631G0has a transiting planet (b)
HAT-P-3718h 57m 11s+51° 16′ 09″13.231341has a transiting planet (b)
GD 35616h 40m 57.16s+53° 41′ 09.6″15.3913.4365White dwarf with emission lines
Kepler-5219h 06m 57.0s+49° 58′ 33″15.5has two transiting planets (b and c)
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