Sunday, 26 April 2015

UK Lawsuit exposes psyop syndicate

SevenGate: UK Lawsuit exposes psyop syndicate stealing prime TV concepts & funding 7/7 false flags

PART II SevenGate: UK Queen+Courts+ 7/7 bombings+ Branson+ BBC+ITV+ Virgin TV +ABC TV+MSM120

Published on 28 Dec 2014
VIDEO: Parts 2-5 – SevenGate: UK Queen+7/7+BBC+ITV+Virgin-TV+ABC-TV+Court­s+MSM in 120 countries ;-)
SevenGate syndicate: UK Queen+7/7 state terrorism+Sir Richard Branson+BBC+ITV+Virgin-TV; ABC-TV; Courts; MainStreamMedia in 146 countries – A 5-Part Exclusive Series with Seven
his is Parts II – V in a series of interviews on SevenGate, the landmark exposé by UK creator Seven through her self-represented lawsuit against a world-wide high-level law, media, and government psyop syndicate to target creators, steal lucrative media properties, and fund domestic state terror with the surplus revenues.

VANCOUVER, BC – Seven (Charles Seven), a musician and media creative Producer, has singlehandedly won one of the U.K.’s largest Intellectual Property theft cases against a psyops theft racketeering syndicate operating within major corporate law firms and media giants, including BBC, ITV, Virgin Media, Channel 4, Scottish TV, as well as major networks in 26 nations around the world showing programs that were stolen by the syndicate from Seven including the blockbuster and profit center “Dancing with Stars” on ABC-TV in the USA and CTV in Canada.

PART III SevenGate: UK Queen+Courts+ 7/7 bombings+Branson+BBC+ITV+VirginTV +ABCTV+MSM 120 Nations

PART IV SevenGate: UK Queen+Courts+ 7/7 bombings+Branson+BBC+ITV+VirginTV+ABCTV+MSM 120 Nations

PART V-SevenGate: UK Queen+Courts+7/7 bombings+Branson+BBC+ITV+VirginTV+ABCTV+MSM in 120 nations

Unwatched; just noticed it's UP

SevenGate: Analysis of Charlie Hebdo as a SevenGate false flag to start WWIII - Next Steps

Published on 23 Jan 2015 NOTE: You can access background and links while watching this interview at the following article. Thank you. SevenGate Update: Charlie Hebdo was unsuccessful SevenGate false flag to start WWIII-Next Steps


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