Saturday, 18 April 2015


EU regulators filing formal charges against Google: Reports

  • Some of the smartest people I know are voting for Hillary!! I give up on idiots! (-_-)
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  • If they refuse to be rational simply put, that animal, not human; humans, ARE rational, that's what makes us HUMANS

  • Humans can REASON and use LOGIC; animals, can't.
  • All you can do is put enough logical information in front of someone If they refuse to be RATIONAL about it; they have to go
  • "There is a plot to ENSLAVE *EVERY* man woman and CHILD"; so who, would be the SLAVE-MASTER? They can't RATIONALLY answer; they go.
  • They're either feigning their ignorance no use on this planet any mor. Or worse, they really can't LOGICALLY think through 11 words
  • 11 words not exactly a lot; not even half your average sentence length.
  • Can there be a clearly example of TOO STUPID TO LIVE.
  • 11 words not exactly a lot; not even half your average sentence length. e.g. back in 1995 - 26 words per sentence = clear english.
  • If you want someone who can't even LOGICALLY think through 11 words sat in JUDGEMENT of YOUR actions on a JURY Need I say mor?
  • They've clearly fried their frontal lobes into oblivion and simply couldn't be BOTHERED to learn ANY reality in TIME to save
  • their MINDS from the NAZI 3rd REICH
  • You either lose your constitution and create two classes of Americans exactly what the NAZIS are ALWAYS looking to do
  • Or you accept people who can't LOGICALLY think through EVEN 11 WORDS have the RIGHT to VOTE you into alien slavery & jail
  • Better plan they all die.
  • They lost their mind - that was their FREE WILL VOLITIONAL CHOICE Not yours, for their life.
  • You have a FREE WILL CHOICE too and an AK-47 :)
  • And of course, every American Patriot lives in a JURY CATCHMENT area
  • And of course a 'rounding up of subversives ' is just about to get under-way no prizes for which PATRIOTS they're coming for
  • And so, you either sit; wait for a bunch of brain-dead moron in uniform to arrive cuff you and put you in front of a jury of MORON
  • Who can't think LOGICALLY about just ELEVEN words or you make sure, no one around your part of America, can't THINK straight :)
  • AND everyone around you CAN think straight about EXACTLY what to do if a bunch of BRAIN DEAD MORON in uniform turn up your town
  • "just following orders" namely, they get buried there; oh about 5 minute after they foolishly accepted orders to round up anyone
  • Anywhere near you :)
  • And patiently wait for the next bunch of MORON to kindly present themselves to your town's remaining residents for execution ;)

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