Thursday, 16 April 2015



Regulars, may never have seen this picture; I may have not taken the risk to publish it for reasons I'm still not able to go into even though only 9 people right now, will OFFICIALLY read this post.

Here is the picture; a DIAGRAM, of sorts, of a PRISON CELL inside the VERY MOUNTAIN RANGE from which the ABOVE picture, was taken, I assume:

Welcome back to REALITY ... and the NUMEROUS alien bases, or PREVIOUS HUMAN (or alien) civilisations, than WERE or ARE, still here.

How did I find out about the ABOVE ... simple; I listened to an audio of one of the world's foremost remote viewers, a team of four of which, just for fun, not under instruction, once went remote viewiing earth, to look for alien bases.  He mentioned four locations; I went, looking at JUST ONE of those locations; and the above graphic, is from an article, you may still just be able to find, online, and recognise, of course, by the picture, above, as the one I am referring to now.

Why the continuing paranoia about publishing even just the above graphic ....

Too paranoid to say, RIGHT now ... but shall I put it this way.  Very REGULAR readers of EVERY WORD of The White Rabbit ... and who also listen EXTREMELY INTENTLY, not PASSIVELY to all the audios and videos I put on this site, will be able, to connect the dots.  If that's you; I suggest you ALSO at the moment, don't let on, you DID connect those dots.  Not yet.


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