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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Open letter 3 to Drake….

This was submitted by a very astute patriot who is knowledgeable on the subjects.

Open letter 3 to Drake….
Hi Drake,
We’re Baaaack!  Drake, we ALL like you as the talkative friendly person you appear to be on the broadcast. We, like you, are older and often use the expression …. “Don’t mess with us old messers.” We are all well educated and, when something doesn’t look right to ALL of us, we will be writing you. Please, do not say something just to say it, as WE are listening.  If you do not have a truthful informed answer, just say “I don’t know but I will find out.”
The American people have been lied to and double crossed ALL of our lives.  In ALL our life time we have never voted in an honest election in this nation.  We have learned from many years of experience that what politicians and those connected to them say are mostly lies, and promises made are seldom, if ever, carried out.
When things you or others say are far from the truth, we have reason to put our antenna up. We have learned to question everything. We ALL want to believe you are telling the truth, but we have other information sources providing opposing intel to what you say, so we continue to say to you “show me the money”.   There are numerous statements you have made during your many broadcasts.  In that regard we have many concerns that we would want to address here, but the following are the issues that we currently consider the most urgent.
In past broadcasts you have inferred things like several crooks were supposed to have been arrested; i.e. Timmy boy and Billy Bop Gates, and others.  Then we learn from the American media that those arrested are back on the job conducting “business as usual.”   You have referred to ‘arrests’ and no evidence of these arrests has ever been produced as having taken place. What is with that??
Drake, in one of your last shows you said that ALL the foreign troops have gone home and now, Sunday, Oct. 14th,  you are saying the troops from Canada, Russia and China on American soil are here to serve the American people and support the ‘positive military’ and militias.  China and Russia are non-aligned nations and they are not controlled by the cabal. 
So ……  what is it?  Are the foreign troops GONE?  Or still here??  We have ‘intel’ that disputes your reports. We are hearing that there are LOTS of foreign troops (not ‘friendly’ to any ‘positive military’) that are ‘hidden’ on America’s soil.  For a starter our Intel says there is or was a rather large contingent of Chinese troops in an abandoned military base near Rock Springs WY.   Anyone close and can check this out??
Drake, the next item on our frustration list is chemtrails - you know, the subject you ALWAYS quickly pass over so you can get to the ‘NEXT!’ topic. You have said several times, and even on last Sunday’s show, that “the US military has nothing to do with chemtrails” … If you can truly believe this and in a clear conscience tell this to your listeners ALL around the world, we have to call you out on this one.   Americans have been lied to enough already concerning chemtrails.  The US Air Force, Army and Navy and the CIA are deeply involved in the entire operation that is being orchestrated and run out of Wright Patterson AFB and Washington, DC.   It is also true the CIA has contracts with many folks (private air services such as Evergreen Air out of Oregon, and Omega Air, based in Wa D.C.) around the planet for delivery of these death toxins, but good old Wright Patterson is the ring leader.
We have included a video of a crashed 707 chemtrail plane:
Omega in Greek means ‘the end’.  Take a good look at emblem on the plane’s tail. When you watch the video, it says:“MILITARY tanker plane”. We highly doubt the military uses antiquated old planes that probably came from a mothball fleet to do this death project on us.  If you don’t believe us, CALL YOUR MILITARY FRIENDS.  IF THEY SAY OTHERWISE, THEY ARE LYING.…. If they don’t have anything to do with it, WHY ARE THEY ALLOWING IT??   SOUNDS LIKE COLLUSION TO US. 
What would happen if someone went up in a little plane and dropped chalk dust on a town??  Your right, they would be shot down. The US military takes an oath to protect and defend this nation from enemies both foreign and domestic, yet the chemtrails are continuing to be sprayed in American airspace.   Against our will, and with few even knowing or understanding what is happening to them, Americans are being bombed daily with all manner of toxins, viruses, biological concoctions, weapons grade barium, nano-particles, etc.  through the airspace over this nation.  THIS IS AN OUTRIGHT ACT OF WAR AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND THE MILITARY DOES NOTHING.   IF THIS WAS ANY OTHER TIME, THEY WOULD BE SHOT DOWN. Bet your listeners would find it of interest that China does NOT ALLOW chemtrail spraying over their nation.
There have been websites we have shared with you explaining all this. Even Alfred Webre has a bunch of information on his site that totally contradicts what you say. Why are you sooo adamant on skimming over this?  You have said the funding is running out and it should end soon. OR …. Is it WE should end soon?  Did you know that Queen Beatrice of the Nederland’s, along with her psychopathic son, is one of the main contributors (funders) of chemtrails. They have so much money that they are swimming in it. OH!   Forgot to mention the CIA’s involvement. How about their BLACK budget? Let us not forget the MANY quadrillions the Rothschild’s and Rockefellers’ have hid.  We cannot believe that anyone of these folks were stupid enough to not to have hidden a lot of dough, gold etc. all over the world just in case of something like this.
“Chemtrails affect your health, your memory, your relationships, your emotions, every organ and function of the human body.  Chemtrails affect the quality of your life and how much longer you live”.  They have now started spraying a new clearer substance that trails out for miles and then starts to spread out clear. NO, I am not talking about contrails.  Many people are being even more severely affected by this new clear concoction, as it is causing blood pressure to skyrocket. 
There is a very smart 45 year old chemtrail expert on the east coast that ended up in the hospital with a chemtrail heart attack. He runs a world-wide chemtrail awareness site.  Several ER nurses we have spoken with have been inundated with emergency upper respiratory problems in area hospitals, as well as heart attack cases.  Doctor’s offices and emergency rooms across this nation are being overrun with respiratory problems.  Thousands of Americans are experiencing a very serious ramification from these chemtrails known as ‘Morgellons’, and yet you tell your audience that there are no problems with the chemtrails?????  We have heard from various sources as well as informants on the Alex Jones Show that there are 25,000 (estimated) people worldwide dying per day from these chemtrail bombs.
There is another new thing the assholes have started, and that is a black jet that suddenly drops down out of the sky and releases a (NUKE TYPE) flash explosion behind it.  Many are believing it to be a killer death ray.  Having read many reports of the plasma affect resulting from these chemtrails being put in place in America’s skies, these flashes appear to be igniting the plasma.  Perhaps this could also be used to kill off Americans????? 
Pilot friends are really PO’ed every time they see these assholes spraying us. One of the pilots said he used to fly F-16’s, and said he would love to be able to take these assholes out.  None of us understand how 75% - 85% of the US military could be on ‘our side’ and yet continue to allow this biological warfare to continue over the nation. A couple F-16’s confronting some of the chemtrail planes in-flight ought to be able to get the point across that they better stop what they are doing – OR ELSE. 
Some of us have sent you, Drake, allot of documentation to read on the subject of chemtrails.  Much of that documentation applies to the things we are mentioning in this open letter, but you seem adamant on misleading the people or foo fooing the seriousness of the situation as being a non-serious subject, non-important and you aren’t going to address it.  Why do you think these murdering SOB’s are still dumping this crap in our skies at an even more accelerated rate?  THEY WANT 90% OF US DEAD ….  ASAP.   
We are sure that some of your followers will write in voicing their opinions against this letter.  That’s OK, as we only want to know the TRUTH, and if they don’t care about the truth, that is their problem. This is not a witch hunt, but a TRUTHhunt…  There are literally thousands of blogs and websites to explore to learn the TRUTH.  Perhaps the dissenters and you, if they would spend time doing their own HOME WORK thorough research as we have, they would be able to make more informed decisions regarding the chemtrails/bombs. Below is a tiny sample with which to begin. 
Lastly, we want to mention that if the chemtrail planes are not taken out before the SHTF, they could use these planes in a desperate attempt to spray us with something in their bag of tricks like a mustard gas, etc....      Notice the jet taking off…. It says US Air Force         Chemtrails to Depopulate    


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