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#BBBB A 7 POST 77 ON 777-1111-7777-77777 {(7)7777777(7)}

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT WARNING TO ALL MEMBERS READING THIS POST: Michael Shrimpton my learned friend is RIGHT NOW in JAIL for DARING to suggest there was a POSSIBLE risk of a NUCLEAR ATTACK on LONDON; don't DARE please DARE suggest I'm suggesting there is a NUCLEAR ATTACK risk to LONDON .. me, I'm just OFFICIALLY PERMANENTLY DELUSIONALLY disORDERed ... RITE :) And that's the OFFICIAL PAPERWORK; so keep your MOUTHS SHUT please I'm back down to ripping pages out of BOOKS to wipe my ass on and REALLY don't need JAIL to be added to my list of woes; including torture and assassination, etc. **PLEASE**

For your eyes ONLY.  The rest CAN subscribe IF they want to read; they don't WANT to subscribe, they prefer BBC PAEDO TV ... *fact*. Let them keep their FREE VOLITIONAL CHOICE *not* to understand REALITY ... If you're reading this AT ALL, that's of course, NOT YOU.

Caught: Germany Bought Israel’s


Download the IMAGE Mark Bryant do you SEE NUMBERS? If so, what might they tell you?

Me, I couldn't even be BOTHERED any more to work it out; ENDLESS examples of HOW to work it out all ALREADY provided by me; IF anyone is PAYING ATTENTION then you SHOULD all by now be able to do this ALL for YOURSELF (the goal, of course; is to get YOU illuminated enough to save your OWN ASS; especially in an EMERGENCY or FAST MOVING situation like a TERRORIST ATTACK.

A simple ONE search of GOOGLE got me an ARTICLE in BBBB owned TELEGRAPH all about the SYMETTRY between BIG BEN; and ... guess which SEVEN TOWERS in MECCA?

Which got me to this post:


Ripped in breach of copyright ... because it COULD save your LIFE Mark; can you be BOTHERED to understand ILLUMINATI messaging; and save YOUR OWN life; your kids lives etc?

Because you can't keep supporting me as the only person on earth smart enough to realise what it is I have done, and can continue to do, if supported by anyone to do so, of course, only you are smart enough to realise, what I am doing, I do so hope Mark, but your comment:

Mark Bryant ‏@Renai55ance 13h13 hours ago
@censorednewsnow @KaiHolloway stop with the numbers, you know they fuck with my head as it is. Let America crash and burn. It's meant to be.

Leads me to believe you think there is only a risk of the USA going bang; not you.

How wrong, I think you are.

Here is the link to the article I sent to Kai, by DM, urgently, about the MECCA CLOCK & BIG BEN:

In fact, fuck the BB (BB, note = 1111 :)) Heard of 911; 311? Ever heard of the Barclay Brothers (BB), or Barclays Bank(BB)? Who owns the TELEGRAPH Mark?

Might that be BB ... the Barclays Brothers of Barclays Bank BBBB

911 - 9 (2 = B) - 3 (2 = B) etc ...

911, 311, 911, 311 = what Mark in B? Might that just be BBBB? and what is 9+11{2} but 11 (1111) :)

Noticed the FUKUSHIMA nuclear core FLYINGTRIX coming up (paying enough attention Mark to realise you may have no choice other than to get OFF this PLANET if you want to LIVE, taking your KIDS with you; noticed NSA is dumping ANTI-GRAVITY CRAFT science at me, MERCILESSLY; ever wondered WHY that might be? Did you even NOTICE Gordon DUFF mentioned ONE WORD months ago ONLY; FALKLANDS; do you believe in APRIL FOOLS 'Jokes' or are you an INTEL-liGENT person who can DISCERN - disCERN reality Mark in a SEA of BULLSHIT and LIES; Duff mentions ONE WORD; FALKLANDS, then ONE ARTICLE appears in the UK PRESS about FALKLANDS; you know where the SENTIENT OIL aka GOO is ... notice the GOO above in the PICTURE? Noticed the GO GLE iin yesterdays picture? As in GO (G= Mason) LAW ENFORCEMENT LE ...

"Mecca clock vs Big Ben How does the Royal Mecca Clock Tower measure up to Westminster's clock tower, whose great bell is known as Big Ben? For more than a century, a point on the top of a hill in south-east London has been recognised as the centre of world time and the official starting point of each new day. Big Ben (L) and the Mecca Clock Tower (R) are now in competition to be recognised as the centre of time By Adrian Blomfield8:00AM BST 11 Aug 2010
Height of Clock Towers: St Stephen's Tower: 315.9ft Royal Mecca Clock Tower (when spire is added): 1,970ft. Diameter of clock faces: Big Ben: 23ft Related Articles Mecca clock challenges GMT 11 Aug 2010 Royal Mecca: 151ft Inscriptions: Big Ben: "Domine Salvam Fac Reginam Nostram Victoriam Primam" (Lord, keep safe our Queen Victoria I)
Royal Mecca: "In the name of Allah" Illuminations: Big Ben: Originally gas light, now each dial is lit by 28 bulbs.
Royal Mecca: 2 million LED lights on the clock face; 21,000 white and green lights above the timepiece that flash five times a day to signal the call to prayer. 16 bands of vertical lights will also be beamed 7 miles into the air on festival days.
Other claims to fame:
Big Ben: Until now, the great bell was housed in the world's tallest four-faced clock tower. It might still be the world's most recognisable clock, but its significance is dwindling for many ever since the BBC World Service's English services stopped broadcasting the "bongs" on a daily basis (now only happens at 0000 GMT on New Year's Day). Some local language BBC networks still play the chimes of Big Ben. Royal Mecca: The largest of seven towers making up the Abraj al-Bait complex. It will house a giant shopping mall, over 2,000 hotel rooms, two helipads and a prayer area that can fit 30,000 people. The hotel in the clock tower itself will have 800 rooms. The Palace of Westminster has 1,100 rooms. The complex is being built by the Bin Laden Group, Saudi Arabia's largest construction company owned by relatives of the terrorist kingpin. Although the clock tower will be hailed as a masterpiece of Islamic architecture, it is in fact being designed by a German company."

Oh and LOOK SEE what we have HERE:

How is the WORLD run Mark; it's SIMPLE: here it is just for you HERO; thanks SO much for the GBP 100.00 you could so ill afford to give me; here it is:



And so, I went after MICHAEL (LORD) ASHCROFT if you missed it yesterday; do you see 7?


I see at least:



But guess what I ALSO see in WIKIPEDIA entry?  This:

  • The collar, worn only by Knights and Dames Grand Cross, is made of gold. It consists of depictions of crowned lions, Maltese Crosses, and the cyphers "SM" and "SG", all alternately. In the centre are two winged lions, each holding a book and seven arrows.

And what pray tell me Mark ... does the illuminati crypto-numerology tell us they ADD UP to?

Why 22





7777 :)

I don't die easy Mark; you saw the state I was in what TWO WEEKS after I was getting etc; iiinside psych unit with a head psychiatrix who couldn't even count to 28 and get it RIGHT not RITE; of course, released on day 29 (11 that would be, wouldn't it  ... BB :)).

3rd-9th (9-3)=6

Tortured for SIX days

Starting on the 3rd; i.e. 366 Mark ...


Welcome, to my world.

I live in the REAL one; the one RUN by ROYALTY; using the MASONIC system as described in the OLDEST WRITTEN TEXT on EARTH ...  as revealed in the AMARNIA.LETTERS  aka "Letters of middle eastern rulers sent to Akhenaten."

"7 times and 7 times again 

7 times and 7 times—Over and over again

7 times plus 7—EA 189, See: "Etakkama of Kadesh"(title)-(Qidšu)

I fall ... 7 times and 7..."on the back and on the stomach"

I fall, at the feet, ... 7 times and 7 times, "on the back and on the stomach"—EA 316, by Pu-Ba'lu, and used in numerous letters to pharaoh. See: Commissioner: Tahmašši.

Which parallel universe are you living in today Mark?

Not the one where you get vapourised outside Parliament; just near BIG BEN (BB 1111 7777) I do so hope.

Because guess which DIPLOMATIC POLICE; where EXACTLY they ARRESTED and subsequently CHARGED one of the FIVE people who made the Richard Gage film with me Mark ... why that would be 'missiing video' evidence trix DIPLOMATIC POLICE ON PARLIAMENT BRIDGE no less Mark.

Can't republish ALL my DM to Kai about this but here is SOME relevant DM stream:

Rockefeller ... (as sent to US Navy) ... seems a pretty good guess for now; I think Sir Bloomberg almost getting my father DEAD and now
relevant extracts I c u bizy :)
In the New Kingdom, Amun became successively identified with all other Egyptian deities, to the point of virtual monotheism
(which was then attacked by means of the "counter-monotheism" of Atenism
As Amun-Re ... RE ...ERRE :)
"Amon-Re "who hears the prayer, who comes at the cry of the poor and distressed...Beware of him!"
"In the Leiden hymns, Amun, Ptah, and Re are regarded as a " Heard of CATHOLICS:)
Brian *JESUITS* u fkg MORON ; get ON with it if you haven't already :)
"All gods are three: Amun, Re and Ptah, whom none equals. He who hides his name as Amun, he appears to the face as Re, his body is Ptah."
All gods are 3: Amun, Re and , whom none equals. He who his name as Amun, he appears to the face as Re, his body is Ptah."
"Symbol the djed pillar, the " ... STRONG **** 2 PILLARS:)
"In the myth of Osiris and Isis, Osiris was killed by Set by being .. get this 67,000 *DEAD* 552 DEAD tricked into a coffin"
TRICKED DE (Germany anyone?) DEceivED :)
Gotta go, can see you're busy, but this is the bit you need to HEADS UP **ONLY** to those worth saving Kai ... no one else :)
NUMBERS >> leonora-carringtons-98th-birthday-5654572718620672-hp.jpg
I c 77 :) I c 777 :)
the PIC I see, through OPEN SOURCE I just grabbed next (they may give DIFFERENT PICS bro to DIFF peeps don't forget now :) OrdER ordER out
and ALSO note, bottom RIGHT (unseen above ON THE PAGE in the pic) I c 3 circles in TRIANGLE two RIGHT side 1 MIDDLE Placement left of those
When I HOVER it says 'SHARE' :)
Oh dear TRIANGLE Craft ... AGC etc ... hehe getting fkg interesting hey :)
3 SUN like RA ... ORANGE ... etc TOP of the PIC; TRIANGLE 3 bottom RIGHT :)
and SEVEN monsters <g> lol
ONE of which is CLEARLY, a CRAFT - the CRAFT etc :)
no time to do the crypto-numerology on the above, because it was a DISTRACTION from ensuring you KNEW about the 7-7 TOWER plan ... WTCs 7
ABOVE: Among other places this 11:11 appears, is the Combined Disasters card from Steve Jackson’s Illuminati Card Game,
which we have discussed in previous posts because of its probable connection to the coming Mecca Clock Tower Attack.
Oh dear, and guess where just the FIRST chance for 2 secs on THAT - COULD it be CONNECTED to ANYTHING that might go BANG in UK?
Bye bye one PARLIAMENT - hello one NEW WORLD ORDER?
And of course, WHO and WHERE but DIPLOMATIC POLICE; **PARLIAMENT** do you ALREADY KNOW, are BENT re: Victor Hammond remember :)
Oh I don't like THIS MIX one BIT bro ... :) Can't save SLAVES; not 01 pence, not 01 person, not now in FIVE weeks ... save HERO only :)"

But Mark, it seems you no longer wish to KNOW how to SAVE yourself?

Radiation got your BRAIN has it? Now showing in the OFFICIAL DEATH STATISTICS for ALL AGES over 65; of course, that means it's KILLING YOU RIGHT NOW; even AWARE of that or prefer to THINK, THINK, THINK Mark **THINK** (ever heard of SUBCONSCIOUS INFLUENCE Mark causing GENOCIDE ... or do you PREFER to THINK "stop with the numbers, you know they fuck with my head as it is"

No mark, that's the RADIATION GENOCIDE of YOU; fucking with your HEAD.

Me, I'm still busy REAL busy trying to save your LIFE, my friend, as ALWAYS. 

And frankly, I'm watching the world slip away in the HEAD Mark, RITE in front of me HOURLY.


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