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"Chinese Military and Alien Abduction

Chinese Military and Alien Abduction
February 2, 2009 by djwezg 1 Comment

I recently read an excellent website which compelled me to write to the author the first written account of my experience. I wish to share my experience on these boards.

The guy’s website is as follows:

I read your website about fake alien abductions and felt compelled to write to you detailing my experiences. I live in South Wales in Caldicot and since 1997 have had a major involvment with my local psychiatric services. I believe that I am a shaman and have had some very unexplainable experiences happen to me on a mental and spiritual level.

On 31st March this year I was admitted under section 3 of the British mental Health Act to a local mental hospital where I was forcibly treated for twelve weeks. This was the seventh time I have been forcibly detained and treated."

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