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@censorednewsnow @biggysmlls nano-organisms? ‏@censorednewsnow 53m53 minutes ago

Yes. @Houston_Media How do you create a SLAVE race WITHOUT them even KNOWING they lost their FREE WILL ? @biggysmlls

Answer; covertly WIRE them ALL UP for SATELLITE (now WIFi) Control @Houston_Media ;) @biggysmlls

Get them ALL to buy 'smart-phones' @Houston_Media ;with permanently ON #wifi :) @biggysmlls

And note CAREFULLY #UK which >> @David_Cameron BIG ELECTION PROMISE @Houston_Media not a SQUARE INCH of #UK without WIFI :) @biggysmlls

And note CAREFULLY #UK which @BT / 1010 (#GCHQ) took 100,000,000 GBP from #NSA @Houston_Media for ILLEGAL ASSASSINATIONS ;) @biggysmlls

And not CAREFULLY #UK which WRITER OF THIS TWEET was TORTURED until PSYCHOTIC by SATELLITE 3rd-9th MAY '14 @Houston_Media @biggysmlls

And which WRITER of this TWEET; took an INBOUND #ASSASSINATION via #TeslaHowtizer from DEEP BLACK SPACE TECH @Houston_Media @biggysmlls

And note CAREFULLY #UK which WRITER of this TWEET kindly got sent #DEW DUMP @Houston_Media @biggysmlls from >> @Angry_NSA_Spy

And note CAREFULLY #UK which WRITER of this TWEET was SCREAMING on about #UFO overhead SAVING my LIFE @Houston_Media @biggysmlls

And note CAREFULLY #UK @Houston_Media @biggysmlls which #NSA employee sent me #ANTIGRAVITY SCIENCE PROOF >> @Angry_NSA_Spy

Thus someone who can use LOGIC alone might just DETERMINE guess what HAPPENED to ME @Houston_Media @biggysmlls 3rd -9th May '14

And of course, guess who had to be DETAINED #sleeppsychosis OVER THE #EUROPEAN ELECTION PERIOD @Houston_Media @biggysmlls

So that I couldn't CONTINUE to bang on about ILLEGAL NUCLEAR ARMS DEALER >@David_Cameron < @Houston_Media @biggysmlls

& guess which WRITER OF THIS TWEET was NOT released from PSYCHIATRIC DETENTION on TIME but was ILLEGALLY DETAINED @Houston_Media @biggysmlls ‏@censorednewsnow 41m41 minutes ago

Because NO ONE in the PSYCHIATRIC UNIT could SUCCESSFULLY and CORRECTLY count to TWENTY EIGHT @Houston_Media @biggysmlls

Except of course, one WRITER of this TWEET @Houston_Media #JasonNeilFeatherstone @biggysmlls barrister (not currently practising) :)
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Guess who's a little bit PISSED off with one #JasonNeilFeatherstone @Houston_Media LOL @biggysmlls >@David_Cameron &

1 x #INSANEBALDDWARF >> @WilliamJHague who of course, EVERYONE in the UK will note was #FOREIGNSECRETARY @ time @Houston_Media @biggysmlls

And thus of course, IN CHARGE OF #GCHQ 1010 @Houston_Media ;) @biggysmlls

Me, I don't DIE so easy @Houston_Media @biggysmlls However GITMO awaits the ATOM BOMBERS of #NEWYORK >> @David_Cameron >> @WilliamJHague

And LOOK SEE #UK USA what DO we have HERE then @Houston_Media Published JUST BEFORE I spent ONE WEEK resisting PSYCH DETENTION @biggysmlls

#PSYCHIATRY CONSPIRACY WEAPON OF CHOICE #HUDES CABAL!! … #EISENHOWER published @Houston_Media 3 May 2014 @biggysmlls

PILLS not PANZER @Houston_Media @biggysmlls :) THIRD REICH TAKEOVER of the UNITED KINGDOM :)

PILLS not PANZER @Houston_Media @biggysmlls :) THIRD REICH TAKEOVER of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA :) @Houston_Media @biggysmlls

Almost a QUARTER of the ENTIRE #UNITEDSTATES now VOLUNTARILY taking #MKULTRA PILLS and @Houston_Media PAYING for them :) @biggysmlls

100,000,000 #Americans in **DIRT** isn't it @Houston_Media ?? And yet, still, NOT 01 AMERICAN SUBSCRIBES to

I can't FIX stupid Houston Media @Houston_Media I can only watch it die. @biggysmlls ‏@censorednewsnow 24m24 minutes ago

Or of course, anyone that would like to stay FREE might just want to  SUBSCRIBE?? @Houston_Media ??? @biggysmlls

So far not so much luck there; 300,000,000 VOLITIONALLY CHOOSING to DIE instead @Houston_Media clinging onto their 01 @biggysmlls
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So far not so much luck there; 300,000,000 VOLITIONALLY CHOOSING to DIE instead @Houston_Media clinging onto their 10 @biggysmlls A-TEN

01 @Houston_Media 10 @biggysmlls BINARY CODE

#ATEN @Houston_Media A-TEN @biggysmlls Number 10

S #ATAN @Houston_Media Akhenatan @biggysmlls #AkheNATOn

Bit shocking frankly Houston in that alleged CHRISTIAN country @Houston_Media not 01; not 10 #Christians GET IT and subscribe @biggysmlls

"the LOVE of #MONEY (S #ATAN - A-TEN 01 10) is the ROOT of @Houston_Media ... **ALL** evil" :) @biggysmlls

Seems they don't want to CHOOSE LIFE and **REALITY** for the mere price in GBP of 91.10 (911 :)) @Houston_Media oh DEAR @biggysmlls ‏@censorednewsnow 14m14 minutes ago

And so we sit over there Houston Media @Houston_Media And continue to watch those S #ATAN #Akhenaton AMUN-RA @biggysmlls worshippers

#ThePetGoat **GET SLAUGHTERED**  @Houston_Media @biggysmlls ‏@censorednewsnow 5m5 minutes ago

Give those American #ThePetGoat what they were CLEARLY TELTE @Houston_Media ET LET @biggysmlls they would get

Thursday, 9 August 2012 #ILLUMINATI The Pet Goat 911 DECIPHERED LIVE #NWO … they would get @Houston_Media @biggysmlls

They don't want to KNOW @Houston_Media Can't be BOTHERED to understand REALITY - fine @biggysmlls

THE PET GOAT 1. KITE HIT STEEL PLANE MUST E T LET - See more at: … @Houston_Media LInte one deciphered @biggysmlls ‏@censorednewsnow 2m2 minutes ago

23. More to Come E O E @Houston_Media line 23 .. and of course, ALL the lines bar a few in between just SAT there YEARS @biggysmlls ‏@censorednewsnow 1m1 minute ago

Fine; #GENOCIDE of #ThePetGoat in the USA @Houston_Media I sit and watch; as they INVADE and GENOCIDE #UKRAINIANS @biggysmlls ‏@censorednewsnow now

Can't be BOTHERED to be HUMAN BEINGS @Houston_Media We just don't NEED those #AMERICAN MORONS around ANY MORE :) @biggysmlls

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