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Sunday   February 1, 2015

Worldwide Banks Now Face Financial DEFCON

by Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

UNITED States of America   -   It can now be reported that worldwide central banks face a massive liquidity crisis with even more heavily weighted derivatives now numbering in the quad trillions with exposure to each other that could easily torpedo aka collapse the entire world financial markets.
Note:  Banks continue to list their debt as assets when in truth they are liabilities not real capital.
What the worldwide central banks have done in Japan, the U.S., and are about to do in the European Union (EU) is use debt instruments aka credit default swaps (CDS) to buy each others bonds and purchase debt from each other even though there is no real cash involved in these financial transactions.
This is called alleged quantitative easing (QE) when in truth this is nothing more than a high level ponzi scheme now operating as a pyramid scheme, which offers no real stimulus to the aforementioned economies but operates on a 24-hour basis to bail out banks in regards to their 24-hour fraudulent electronic algorithm driven proprietary trading.
These policies have failed in Japan aka no real economic growth with banks unable to loan money and Japanese pension funds losing 50% of their value.
These policies have failed in the United States with no real economic growth with wages in the U.S. not accelerating but decelerating and a structural unemployment rate at 13%.
Reference:  The new ECB ponzi scheme will make both the privately-owned U.S. Federal Reserve, along with the Central Bank of Japan, counter parties to worldwide debt instruments.
This, folks, is a dead-end street as the derivatives are about to go hybrid that will create massive margin calls for all of these central banks.
It is important to remember that last Thursday, January 29th, CME Group President, crooked bank stooge Terry Duffy, increased margin requirements in both the gold and silver markets as to protect the naked short positions in the gold, silver and Japanese yen currency futures of JPMorgan Chase.
This backfired when the Russian Federation turned around and lowered interest rates, and now, along with the soon-to-be independent nation of Greece, will back both the ruble and the Greek currency, the drachma, with gold bullion.

Financial Terrorist NAZI Jew George Sorossource   source

P.S.  At this hour we can divulge that the National Bank of Hungary, along with the Hungarian Bank OTB have frozen all trading accounts tied to financial terrorist NAZI Jew George Soros.
Soros, along with German NAZI Deutsche Bank and the Central Bank of Denmark, have used counterfeit Danish kroner to illegally manipulate worldwide foreign currency trading reference the Russian ruble.
Soros has also been fingered for using Hungarian banks to fund the illegal NAZI Paperclip U.S. installed government of the Ukraine and then simultaneously using both the Hungarian and Ukrainian banks to fund a worldwide terrorist network, along with funding and training of Islamic Chechen rebels who have committed criminal acts of terrorism against Russian freedom fighters in the Ukraine along with citizens of the Russian Federation itself, including attacks against Christian churches and Jewish synagogues.

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Meantime over in the UK, what, except of course, more DEBT! :)

"Cash-strapped councils to raise billions with new municipal bonds
Financial Times‎ - 5 hours ago

The new “munibonds” will be backed jointly by 48 local councils and the Local Government ..."

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