Sunday, 1 February 2015


911 truth; the cowardice; and the calm, before the STORM of retribution, on the cowards! :)

"All the “good guys” had to do was start mapping out all those who would have to have been involved, and then a much bigger job, all those who saw what was happening or learned later and decided that that was above their pay grade to say or do anything.

There has been plenty of time to figure out who was on those lists… like the crew that spread the wreckage on the Pentagon lawn during the dark hours of 9-11, and those that loaded it up and flew it in.

And then there were all those that collected the HD rooftop video tapes in Washington who were smart enough to know they were aiding and abetting in obstruction of justice by hiding what those tapes showed. We know because we have satellite footage (6 frames) of the truth.

Another reason for the slow dribble of this huge series — on 9-11 and about the looting of America’s taxpayer-funded science achievements that are deep-sixed if they threaten the elite’s financial interests — was to give some time for those who might want to come to Jesus, and do now what they should have done then.


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