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Saturday   January 17, 2015
The Swiss Game Changer and It's a Double Cross
by Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

Terrorist attacks in Paris, France source 

source   source 

UNITED States of America   -   It can now be reported that Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, U.S. Citibank, German Deutsche Bank, Bank of New York Mellon, U.S. Wells Fargo Bank and Barclays Bank of England are now sitting on trillions if not quad trillions of dollars of worthless derivatives aka I.O.U.s between each other aka naked short Japanese yen positions that can decapitate the world financial system.
The Swiss National Bank just applied the coup de grâce to the Kuroda foreign currency ponzi scheme that provided no stimulus to the Japanese economy but was only designed to orchestrate and prop up world equity prices with the current Japanese government receiving massive financial bribes from U.S. banking interests.
We can further divulge that numerous FX firms and hedge funds (reference the Everest Global Hedge Fund) are all currently collapsing as the CME Group itself is now facing a $10 TRILLION margin call tied to naked short positions in the Japanese yen.
CME Group President Terry Duffy illegally allowed customer segregated funds (tied to major U.S. domestic clearing houses) to be cross-collateralized to both the Harris and 5th 3rd Banks of Chicago, Illinois.
At this hour both of the aforementioned banks are holding the bag.
Reference:  William Pesek of Bloomberg News just had his story spiked that dealt with the content that we are pleased to report to you today on this intelligence briefing website.
Item: At this hour, eyes over JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo Bank of Reno, Nevada.
P.S.  We can now divulge that the alleged five (5) terrorists linked to the French event (of Belgium national origin) in the nation of Yemen represented the five (5) crisis actors that escaped by helicopter to Hamburg, Germany (the location of the Hamburg, Germany 9/11 'Becker terrorist cell') were then illegally flown back to Yemen by a U.S. transport aircraft.
We can now report that French Intelligence helped trigger the arrests despite efforts by the U.S. cable news network CNN to obstruct the attempt by French Intel to grab these suspects.
Question:  Why is it the nation of Yemen financed by Saudi Arabia is allowing only CNN cable news network into the nation of Yemen?
We have just answered that question.
Message to CNN:  It is in your best interest to get your reporters out of Yemen and do it now because the nuclear aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle is now in the Mediterranean Sea and will soon begin carpet bombing the nation of Yemen who committed an act of war against the Republic of France.
We can now also divulge that the late French Intelligence Officer Helric Fredow on the day of the French event came into possession of documents linking the French domestic terrorist cell not only to the nations of Yemen and Saudi Arabia (CNN calls it the Arabian Peninsula) but to the U.S. CIA-Bush Pegasus Unit out of Hamburg, Germany but also the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.
Note:  The key document taken into possession by Fredow named Saudi Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz as the handler in charge of the French terror cell with Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz's phone number included.
Reference:  It is no wonder now that no one in the implicated Obama Administration decided to attend the unity rally in Paris, France the day after the Paris attacks.
In closing, we can reveal that Bloomberg News and its reporter David Weigel is now sitting on the complete story of the coup d'etat aka the NSA electronic overthrow of the year 2000 presidential election involving Jeb Bush, daddy Bush, George W. BushFRAUD and others.
Question:  Who are the others?
Answer:  Dick-dick-dick-dick-dick Cheney and the NAZI Paperclip NSA.
Finally, it is important to remember that the financial world war continues and soon the Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin will ask for payment in euro currency for the purchase of oil and natural gas from the Russian Federation, that includes the United Kingdom, which has now been isolated given France and Germany's mutual opposition to the continuation of Russian sanctions.

Russia throws down the gauntlet: energy supply to Europe cut off; petrodollar abandoned as currency war escalates
Bank Of America Misses Revenue By $2 Billion As Trading Revenue Collapses; Fires Thousands
Everest Macro Hedge Fund Blows Up After Nearly $1 Billion In Swiss Franc Losses

As we live free or die, Lafayette remains at Brandywine and
Albert Gore Jr. remains the year 2000 DULY ELECTED,
non-inaugurated,  natural born  REAL President of the United States.
Al Gore on Restoring the Rule of Law

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