Tuesday, 27 January 2015


"Charlie Hebdo bombshell! Suicided officer’s family denied access to autopsy

Posted by Kevin Barrett on January 26, 2015
Something is rotten in Paris

by Hicham Hamza, translated by Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor
1/25/2015 8:48 pm Paris time

Exclusive! Panamza has contacted the mother of Helric Fredou – the Police Commissioner charged with preparing a report on the family background of Charlie Hebdo – who was found dead with a bullet in the head just hours after the attack.

I asked for the autopsy report and was told: “You won’t get it.”

Friday, January 16, Panamza published the disturbing testimony of the sister of police officer Helric Fredou, whose mysterious “suicide” continues to be ignored by the national media. Nine days later, it was the mother’s turn to bring new revelations.

 Fredou’s Mother"



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