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Tuesday   January 27, 2015

Saudi 9/11 Treason Escalates and Ponzi Schemes Create New Ponzi Schemes

by Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

NAZI BushFRAUD and SAUDI Crown Prince Abdullah kiss source   source

UNITED States of America   -   It can now be reported that that both Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud the new king of Saudi Arabia, along with his late father King Abdullah, were both mentioned twenty-seven (27) times in the redacted 28 pages of American patriot U.S. Senator Robert Graham, Democrat of Florida, Congressional 9/11 Report.

Both the current Saudi king and the former Saudi king were DIRECTLY involved in massive criminal treason and obstruction of justice versus the American People when it came to the 9/11 'Black Op' event.

Direct message to NAZI Paperclip Attorney General Eric Holder:  We are now going to declassify the entire 9/11 redacted 28 pages for you, you little NAZI bitch!

So, Holder, whatever you decide to do next will absolutely lead to your IMMEDIATE ARREST!

P.S. At this hour, the Japanese yen foreign currency ponzi scheme tied to major U.S. banks, with an emphasis on Bank of America, faces imminent collapse, along with the entire Japanese bond market.

Today in Europe the Austrian bond market has already collapsed because of outstanding derivative debt tied to the German Deutsche Bank and the Central Bank of Japan.

We can now report, thanks to leaks from the IMF (International Monetary Fund), that 90% of the collateral that is being used as margin in the writing of naked short positions in the Japanese yen currency are Japanese conversion bonds, which are based on repaying the investor (aka Bank of America) eventual compensation tied to the future levies of taxes on common Japanese citizens and their pension funds.

So, ladies and gentlemen, what is a compensation bond. We have now proven it is a total junk bond. In fact, it is worst than that. It is a looney tune bond with bugs bunny and Bank of America as the underwriter.

In closing, message to the American People:

Stay armed, stay forthright and prepare for the SECOND AMERICAN REVOLUTION, which can now break out at any moment.

Read YOUR Constitution, read your New Testament and identify your enemy and you know who it is.


Greece’s New FinMin Explains “This Is What Happens When You Humiliate A Nation & Give It No Hope”

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​New Saudi King Was Major Supporter of al Qaeda, Likely Financier of 9/11 Attacks

Published: January 25, 2015

Source: Wayne Madsen

​The new king of Saudi Arabia, Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud, the half-brother of King Abdullah, who died in his early 90s from complications from pneumonia, is expected to rule with a more Wahhabist-oriented religious bent and concentrate on limiting cautious political reforms started by Abdullah. Salman is also expected to devote his energies to increasing Saudi national security. Salman’s devotion to Saudi security is hypocritical at best due to his past support for Al Qaeda, including some of the individuals implicated in the 9/11 attack on the United States. It is Salman’s involvement with financing 9/11 and other terrorists that will likely reinforce the Obama administration’s refusal to declassify 28 missing pages from the 2002 Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on the intelligence failures surrounding the attack. As the then-governor of Riyadh, Salman’s name likely appears as a «big fish» in the redacted 28 pages from the Senate report.  MORE
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