Tuesday, 2 December 2014


And so, a few questions in led me to understand a few confusions, and so, clarifications. :)

Op. #OTB Has Started 99% HEROES WANTED! :-)

Let's ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. How were two million people WRONGLY slaughtered. Answer: SUB-'Conscious INFLUENCE'
  2. Do u mean ?! They boast they control /the world. Y do u defend them?! Are you a Jew?!
  3. Quick send her The Finklestein Mc Donald Interview
  4. Gee Don Quixote bet in UR Whole life no 1 ever Accused U of a Zionist Lover LOL

    Tweet text
  5. As 4 Me I hate the NWO Swine Each & Every 1 Satanic Pedophile Thieving Freaks of Nature
  6. One of my best friends in Jewish; and her brother, emigrated to Israel
  7. Jews in Israel are in just as much trouble from these crooks if not more than most
  8. Most of us don't have a PM directly, and heavily implicated, in ORDERING 911 77
  9. Don't fall for the propaganda that most Jews in Israel support this shit
  10. A lot of them hate their terrorist leadership a lot more than you might think
  11. Just like everywhere Noreen, is always the fundamentalists that cause ALL the trouble
  12. FYI I got my friend, once, to set aside the tears about this inside the Jewish community, and talk to me
  13. Her estimate; about 4% only they're the ones, causing ALL the trouble :)
  14. Breaking the hearts of not just Muslims, Christians, atheist etc but also Jews :)
  15. They are afraid to talk about this openly outside of their community U fancy getting an atom bomb?
  16. She just cried, and cried, and cried, for two whole hours but the nub of the conversation; u just heard.
  17. Don't blame Jews; blame TERRORISTS, there's ALWAYS a BIG difference No matter the religion :)
  18. Of course, having now heard Rabbi Finkelstein, for the first time, I truly understand why she cried
  19. and cried, and cried, quite so hard, for so long
  20. off the charts batshit crazy
  21. And so, they have not been openly talking about this problem, for it may obviously be misunderstood
  22. And lead to Anti-Semitism & horror, the return of pogroms etc So we must ensure that does not happen
  23. And everyone, black, white, latino, whatever, UNITES & flattens **TERRORISTS* because TERRORISTS r
  24. the problem; I don't give a SHIT what god they believe in; only they don't NUKE places
  25. Don't worry I'm sure kept it's shit together or why would the ex-head have OPENLY spoken
  26. I doubt you get to the head of Shin Bet without being clever enough to keep yourself alive ;)
  27. Can't take down a vast GLOBAL *covert* CRIMINAL conspiracy without a bit of help from the GLOBE :)
  28. Jews in Israel I'm sure just like people everywhere will choose life
  29. Anyone rational no matter their religious beliefs realises you can't let a bunch of crazies run earth
  30. any crazies, but crazies with a track record of covertly atom bombing cities well hell, GET BUSY PEEPS!
  31. Peace Officer Don't Bee A MUG no MOR Buy 1 Instead LOL
  32. Much smarter move to grab a gun if you're in the USA and get REAL BUSY REAL fast ROUNDING THEM ALL UP ;)
  33. And let the billionaires if they want to argue about it talk to a piece of lead
  34. Billionaires and trilionaires will fry up nice and crispy crispy just as well as they next traitor ;)
  35. And if they don't want to come quietly, they can eat a lead sandwich instead

Why don't you hop along to ...


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PEACE OFFICER your place!  Back up your honest cops and military and let's get a VAST GLOBAL COVERT CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY *JAILED* your place *TODAY*!

Send them SLAVE!

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Let's ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I've never asked before Hans, but if you want to say, how old are you?
  2. Just a few years younger than that Hans. What a shitty life hey.
  3. were you an eduocated layer? Silicitor?
  4. And have decided, to Become HERO HUMAN Again(tm) V
  5. Tweet text
  6. Yeah ain't it just FANTASTIC news Hans; WAY past 100th monkey HERO AMERICAN *FOUND* V
  7. Took a bit of doing to get through but we have :)
  8. And it only took 12 years and 5 months of my life a 6 days of getting tortured
  9. And one WHOLE BUNCH of ASSHOLES are iin REAL DEEP TROUBLE hehehehehe
  10. Back down to no gas; no heat; no money & 460 fine inbound (judgement already )
  11. Anyone out there listening in fancies living; could really do with not having to
  12. to argue with companies house right now; and just pay the fine, rather than get
  13. DistractED > donations@occupythebanks.com via paypal
  14. DistractED >BTC; 1KH1c8F1frwPZKKy14XtJ5eFBkKp6bHR5J
  15. Rather bored with the no gas routine 6th time ? <gg>
  16. And getting real bored trying and failing to explain what's gong on here so, time

The White Rabbit! aka Freeman Money ... ;~)
Op. #OTB Has Started 99% HEROES WANTED! :-)

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