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December 22, 2014
(TheAntiMedia) Cyber terrorism is bad thing. In fact, according to the US government, it’s a major crime which is punishable by life in prison.

However, on the heels of Sony’s recent hacking and subsequent blaming of the North Korean government, the US has sanctioned its own cyber terror attack against North Korea, according to a credible source who contacted The Anti-Media. At the time of posting the article, North Korea has completely disappeared from the internet. The damage the US is hoping to do is not just intellectual, but is aimed at causing physical harm to the North Korean economy and by default its civilian population.
But it doesn’t stop there. According to our sources, the US is also planning on launching more cyber attacks against North Korea’s banking system which could start as early as tonight.

There’s more. Though not concrete, there is also talk of covert military actions against North Korean infrastructure which include: hospitals, military bases, and nuclear facilities in the very near future.

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