Monday, 22 December 2014


"Online Banking Fees
Banking service is available in various supported currencies and countries. Initial OKPAY fees for bank wire payments are 0% for deposit and 1% (min. €10 EUR/$15 USD/etc.) for withdrawal. The bank commissions and charges are given in the tables below. General OKPAY fees can be found on the Service Fees page. "

Inward Payments

CurrencyOKPAY Fee* SWIFT Payment (D+0)** Express payment (D+1)
EUR0.0%21.00 EUR1% (min. 10.00, max. 14.00) EUR
EUR (SEPA transfer)0.0%1.00 EUR (SEPA transfer)1.00 EUR (SEPA transfer)
USD0.0%30.00 USD1% (min. 12.00, max. 20.00) USD
GBP0.0%7.50 GBP4.00 GBP
CHF0.0%30.00 CHF1% (min. 12.00, max. 20.00) CHF
RUB0.0%960.00 RUB1% (min. 384.00, max. 640.00) RUB
PLN0.0%96.00 PLN1% (min. 38.00, max. 64.00) PLN
CAD0.0%30.00 CAD1% (min. 12.00, max. 20.00) CAD
AUD0.0%30.00 AUD1% (min. 12.00, max. 20.00) AUD
CZK0.0%5.00 CZK5.00 CZK
NOK0.0%174.00 NOK1% (min. 70.00, max. 116.00) NOK
SEK0.0%200.00 SEK1% (min. 80.00, max. 133.00) SEK
DKK0.0%178.00 DKK1% (min. 71.00, max. 119.00) DKK
HRK0.0%179.00 HRK1% (min. 72.00, max. 119.00) HRK
HUF0.0%6 778.00 HUF1% (min. 2 711.00, max. 4 519.00) HUF
NZD0.0%37.00 NZD1% (min. 15.00, max. 25.00) NZD
RON0.0%107.00 RON1% (min. 43.00, max. 71.00) RON
TRY0.0%54.00 TRY1% (min. 22.00, max. 36.00) TRY
ZAR0.0%253.00 ZAR1% (min. 101.00, max. 168.00) ZAR

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