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#WARCRIMESTRIALS What is "GG" representing? #FREEMASONS 77 RITE :)

And so a perfectly reasonable question in from those only just starting a journey (now on this site, over 8500 pages long) ...   Questions in from this mornings 'discussion' with NATO & British Army:

Op. #OTB Has Started 99% HEROES WANTED! :-)

  1. I wonder what will come out next: 1-way trips to Jersey & Amsterdam 4 care-home kids? The real story of Dunblane? The Masons?
  2. Masons? GG RITE :) 7=G 77=GG :) Flight 77 - GG London 77 - GG
  3. What is "GG" representing?
    Tweet text
  4. At it's VERY simplest level how a VAST GLOBAL *COVERT* CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY messages ;)
  5. London 77 Every MASON in the IMMEDIATELY knew, it was a MASON JOB :)
  6. Clever stuff hey no telephone calls, no fave to face meetings required
  7. Everyone INSTANTLY knowing WHO did it; or WHO was to COVER UP who REALLY did it aka ISRAELI WAR CRIME
  8. Want to see some MORE you've been STARING at for YEARS but NOT SEEING ??
  9. malformed URL the first time SEARCH "GG MASONS" <<
  10. And so; can you SPOT THE pRESIDENT's *GUILT* 911 Can you SEE the moment he JOINS the 911 CONSPIRACY?
  11. Do you HEAR a RATTLE (twice, for me) as in rattle SNAKE :)
  12. Do you know your SATANISM; the GOAT = BAPHOMET Bush non-plussed until THE PET GOAT heard; LEAPS 4 POEM
  13. Holds it UPSIDE DOWN :) And INTENTLY STARES at it; during THE most IMPORTANT MOMENTS of his LIFE
  16. Bit of a problem that for the DOMESTIC ENEMIES of AMERICA Can't have a DRONE turn up where a PASSENGER JET should be :)
  18. BUSH of course, EX-AIR NATIONAL GUARD *PILOT* knows the term and it's meaning, well :) KITE = FLY BY WIRE aka DRONE thesedays
  19. Why the RATTLE x 2 that would be because these SATANISTS as KENNEDY told you you know like THE MASONS :)
  21. And these MUGS think we're SO STUPID, we can't work this shit out and FRY their NAZI asses for their CREMATION OF CARE RITUAL
  22. 911 3,000 HUMAN SACRIFICED by FIRE :)
  23. The biggest CENSORED secret on EARTH right now is that WTC 1,2,3,4,5,6 * 7 were ATOM BOMBED to the ground :)
  24. The tritium levels in GROUND water the PROOF; the INCONTROVERTIBLE PROOF; nuclear reactions took place on 911 :)
  25. Everyone in POSITIONS of POWER knows this They ALL lie to you about it; even letting you VISIT and STAND on TOP
  26. Giving you CANCER 70,000 EXTRA (over AVERAGE/mean) CANCER deaths, ON TOP of the 30,000 first responders ALSO = PROOF :)
  27. But tritium is ONLY produced in NUCLEAR REACTIONS and thus, is TOTAL proof, NUCLEAR reactions TOOK PLACE in NYC on 911 :)
  28. 911 119 International Airlines Association - American Airlines FLIGHT 11 :)
  29. I do not currently know if the trial of my learned friend Michael Shrimpton has finished I could say more, if I know it had.
  30. ATM I need to be careful not to even appear in any way to influence a jury decision on any matter before them
  31. I can send you his PUBLICLY FILED Defence Statement however And encourage you to read it all.
  32. And encourage you not to IGNORE REALITY any more If you want to live; as a HUMAN, a HUMAN BEING
  33. Both the International Atomic Energy Agency 'IAEA and the US Dept of Energy have produced REPORTS on the NUCLEAR DEMOLITION
  34. These are documents I understand Edward Snowden took with him to Russia; subsequently leaked from their to
  35. And so in the military and military intelligence and political circles of the ENTIRE PLANET they ALL know :)
  36. And have done since 2003 DEFINITELY ... with PROOF :)
  37. FORBES FAMILY aka :) Forbes :) Must have their HEROIN profits back up though & &
  38. The world's biggest money launderer and SLAVER from the TOP SECRET REPORT "ROTHSCHILD CARTEL" :)
  39. he takes a 33% cut off every CIA and deal worldwide, you see (UK TAX EVASION, too, NOTE :))
  40. And so you SLAVE get LIED to Did 911 & 77..actually MOSSAD WAR CRIMES on countries
  41. How do you feel about sending your kids off to die for Skull and Bones Heroin profits heroin of course, in UK; ENSLAVING brits
  42. And getting them locked away (would that be PRIVATE PRISONS )) more PROFITS for WAR CRIMES CONSPIRATORS 'Dave'
  43. Of course, we're BROKE, right so we BORROW the MONEY; guess WHO from, to get the HEROIN FLOWING again ;) 2 :)
  44. Neat little war crimes scam time, to BUST IT; and FRY every last NAZI prick in the BROTHERHOOD of the SNAKE :) cc
  45. they BURN US ALIVE 50,000 VOLTS through their TINY brains Will work, just fine ;) cc
  46. 911 119 IAA AAI International Airlines Association - American Airlines Inc FLIGHT 11
  47. Flight 77 GG RITE = PENTAGON *TRILLION STOLEN* And the MISSILE just so happens to have taken out ACCOUNTING :)
  48. You were TELTE a AIR-PLANE HIT PENTAGON Not true PROOF 1 THE FBI TAPE everyone thinks was NEVER RELEASED :)
  51. A US military guy wrote me BULLSHIT; Y FRIEND DIED ON THAT PLANE I thought; fair point; I should find CORROBORATION :)
  54. NUCLEAR ATOM BOMB ATTACK corroborates (the lies that it was AIR-PLANES that took down the towers KEROSENE = TOTAL BS) :)
  55. And so, one goes DEEPER down the Hole ...

And a short addendum on this NAZI imposter:

Tweet text




"The world under the heel of the Western powers. DR.
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A more than obvious reading is necessary in light of the news, which almost daily events tell us that we, the African people and the Arab and Muslim world are colonized forever. Indeed, we can only note that the West still leads us after centuries of blood and tears, and the traitors in our prosperity and promote the work of Lawrence of modern Arabia. The West we invented spring and winters "democratic" at will, we engluant in the colonization of the four seasons by creating concepts revolutions rainbow sky. What about us in this process? If Westerners snuck into the fault of our denominational squabbles, ethnic, racial, tribal, in order to dominate us, do we free ourselves from their new channels? Do we feel at least how we are enslaved? Rosa Luxemburg did not she already said at the time: "He who does not move does not feel his chains"? We only gesticulate, unaware of being a docile element in the system of the West, that is to say a bunch of pawns on a chessboard, confining us to mourn for ourselves wading in underdevelopment and an ulterior decadence.
There are many examples and is clearly evident in the case of Tunisia where, after we have sold without a spring swallows but filled with bats, after-sales service of the capital wanted to dazzle us with a so-called revival in only Finding nothing better than to bring under the spotlight a dinosaur resurfaced 88 years of Bourguiba era and, on top of the market, was head of the latter police. This makes hope to all the despots of the region, cacochymes elders who can again expect a second youth and keep power forever. Why not resurrect Bourguiba for that matter? Of course, everyone must keep pace and move this great democratic epic is to plunge us back into the distant past to live our present. We leave the people of the freezer to put them on stage and ... good road. Are we doomed to fall to feel like going? This is what seems to be saying the West wanting to stick us like the Tunisian model laboratory without informing us, of course, meeting with Ghannouchi Beji Caid Essebsi in Paris long before the recent "elections". But, dammit, why always Paris or, when this is not Paris, it is London or Washington? Why do we need whenever going to waltz in Vienna to manage our internal kitchen? What is it held during the secret meeting between Ennahda and Nidaa Tunes in Paris, of which nothing has filtered either in the media or politicians? Yet this is what has been the future of Tunisia, with men of the past. Why Ennahda does not he put up a candidate in the next presidential? Is it normal for the second political force in Tunisia? This makes it part of the deal that took place in Paris? The coming to power of Ennahda, a member of the Troika, was bloody, let us remember the attacks and sermons in mosques against political opponents inscribed in its list of persons and to eliminate some of whom were assassinated. Who sent via Turkey Erdogan, big brother of the Muslim Brotherhood, thousands of Tunisians to various jihads, from that of nikah that of slaughters, if not Ennahdha that sought to introduce ourselves today as a party acceptable? Where will fail thousands of Tunisian terrorists, once their mission is complete in Syria? Which encouraged terrorism in Tunisia, Ennahda if not now playing appeasement and claiming positioning referee of a national government desired by their Western masters? Ghannouchi has he not said that Tunisia was a land of transit for all jihadists? Transit to where? To Syria, Libya, and Algeria? By low profile for a while, which is not his nor those of its Qatari and Saudi masters Ghannouchi avoided reproducing the faults of his Algerian brothers but, whatever he does, he remains a cunning terrorist waiting to happen.Westerners, after the failure of their creative chaos in Libya, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, etc. want at all costs to make us sparkle Tunisian model we waving under his nose as a promise of successful transition. It's deja vu. They try to make us admit that Tunisia is the laboratory that passed the tests. Are we lab rats? Indeed, the Libyan chaos offers no alternative to the West than to boast the charms of purulent relics of a cursed spring. Saving the furniture against the fiasco that destroyed the country, and operation of the "model" Tunisia is essential in the agenda and the calculation of the West thus makes us a new scenario, even if he exhales pestilential stench. Applaud good people, the Western governments have so agreed and peoples negligible amount reduced to the state of digestive tubes are intended to animate the spring of imperialism and big capital that accommodate everything, working with n 'anyone, including the worst scoundrels, but especially not with true patriots who would claim to be the equal of the West. Everything is good except the patriots in power that may require a real and not illusory independence.
Other cases, other circumstances the recent events in Burkina Faso where the people as a whole could not get Compaore this letter summing Hollande ordering him to leave power immediately has produced. Compaoré was executed presto and joined the Ivory Coast, another country that should be attached to the Bois de Boulogne. France starts evoke spring "black", through its mainstream media in the pay of big business. We must therefore expect an effect snowball on the despots that France has placed in Africa and it will certainly be recycled in the near future. You could call it a renewal of the staff appointed by France at the head of some African states. New environment, new minions. Not content with his recent performance in the internal affairs of Burkina Faso, the "normal" president Francois Hollande, who is distinguished by a nightmarish reign for the French population, offered his people a Halloween press conference with worthy Erdogan "the Magnificent", without needing the famous clown costume. Merdogan did not hesitate to moan as he knows so well and complain to his friends in NATO to blame them for not bombing the whole of Syria and have restricted their bombing Kobané only. The eye Erdogan is not set on "Eye of the Arabs" ( ed  : Ain al-Arab, Arab name Kobané) but on the whole Syria and, in this context, it offers a diverse assistance his friends Daech ISIS. Recall - it has become an open secret - the close relationship between Erdogan and Daech-ISIS we struggling to list all transactions from the oil and gas it sells to Iraq his buddies head cutters that enrich Turkish banks, to various traffics he maintains, who has benefited from the total destruction of the Syrian textile industry, the flagship of the country, taking advantage of the earthquake that has existed in Syria. As a scavenger, Erdogan fattens of mass destruction in Iraq and Syria, and demand more to his Western masters. The Americans and their puppets coalition, meanwhile, offered us the "joke" of the year consists of dropping arms and ammunition to Daech-ISIS by wearing the hat to the weather and making us believe that they have made ​​a targeting error. Everyone knows that Daech-ISIS is the Frankenstein monster of the USA, it is useless to tell stories to the Sleeping Beauty publishing weather reports NATO. Everyone knows, unless the last of the morons that the US are the creators of Islamist terrorism, bedrock of the Arab world domination strategy.We should stop insulting what remains of neurons trying to make us swallow snakes. Kobané remain a gaping wound in the history of the West, as it has been sacrificed despite the powerful war machine dubbed the "coalition" which has behind it the support of a mainstream media armada. Once again, the West has shown us they do everything except combat terrorism. What has he more ridiculous than to sell the damaged goods of pretending that Daech-ISIS would be more powerful than the NATO coalition? We are not fooled by these lies, we understand that Westerners do not want to kill their friends and those of Israel. Cease their bombing "democratic" about this city that serve only to divert and stirring wind. The fight against terrorism is anything but what they are doing currently in Kobané where young women stand up to the barbarian hordes created by the West and give courage lessons of hosts, who have never won any war . You, NATO leaders, the sacrifice of those women who blow themselves to escape your Daech-ISIS monsters you he can not sleep at night?
This is the venom that the West wanted to spread throughout the body of the Arab world and all underdeveloped countries. So goes the world in which we flounder backlog: transitions faux spring winter coats, while the thriving capital, move along, nothing to see. Why abused people allow themselves disillusioned manipulate and why, whenever they stir a toe, they spring stability and security? But stability and security who and what? Of course, we know who benefits. However, reaching the point where our heads of state around in wheelchairs or with canes and perform the finger and the eye whispers Fafa ( note: Algerian name of France), just whispers, do not let to amaze. Paris sneezes and we chopons a cold. We are tribes wandering through time, like ghosts running around between different dimensions. Our old chairs, dirty and ugly, and our governments baratinent us while obeying the West, and we can not make them leave or disengage because we suffer a death that devastates us from within.In Algeria, the smiles of children in November moved away from the shore of Algiers and darkness jackals from all sides invaded the bright sky of our motherland. The land of brave warriors came into lethargy by impotence and greed of a group of people and the comprador bourgeoisie who delivered our country to France without any remorse in losing all dignity, enjoying the weariness of the people to wage war as he has always done against the enemies of the nation, including the new rich are the standard and loot and steal our nation. Why confine us in reflexes colonized us who have crossed swords with many conquering nations, why the wheelchair she has been because of our revolutionary dreams and why we she confines regionalism, corruption and cronyism? Where is the crack? Will we stay stuck in a moving history before returning to freezer and revive political frozen? Why these infertile perpetual regressions make us endangered country? Sudan broke out, as well as Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, and the list is open, no offense to those who are confined in their political blindness hoping to profit from their Western masters, while they have shown repeatedly that they sacrifice without compunction all their minions, once past their usefulness to safeguard their interests. As for us, the people, we must realize that the destruction of our country directly or indirectly has become a strategic objective of capital and imperialism, while some cling to power, vying to please the West. These political leaders have learned nothing from history are destined to disappear and fall like dead leaves, and a short statement read on the news 20 hours in Paris or elsewhere will be their only eulogy. And will continue to hit us over the West pursuing its strategy by feeding our faith wars, ethnic, tribal, and other backyard squabbles. And we will persist to close your eyes and listen to the whispers of Paris, London and Washington, to the delight of Israel who delights our putrefaction and our enthusiasm to go singing to the slaughterhouse and participate in dismantling of our states, each as it may, until the Zionist entity of Israel will become the largest country in the Middle East. Hoping awakening that is not for tomorrow, because our parties, our elite, our opponents, and all our civil society offside, we will wait the time it takes for Godot, for in our huge distress s 'there's one thing we can do is wait.
It is as if we were dealing with the nations of spectators who watch die. For us, it's Halloween every day between coups, dismissals, and other disasters. Only countries are preserved Bedouin camel picnickers where modernity is to just build giant buildings and the wife has no right to drive a car, where law kafala archaic reigns and where social debates limited to discuss the correct way to make ablution, where there is no creativity except to the consumer what the West product. The old genius has abandoned our arid lands and we became accursed peoples and nations, where they continue to stone intelligence, imprison or murder everything that is modern and progressive in us. We rush about the pitfalls concepts concocted by the West and, like a primitive beast, we gnaw them as bones thrown by the white master. Drag your carcasses, cursed people, no Eden not welcome you, who like murder, stoning, beheading, in a monstrous daily grind in clinging to illusory powers in the pay of the West that even in these dark times the crisis of capitalism has reached its peak, you managed to domesticate. The only glimmer of hope can only exist in despair, the same one that will remove all the peoples and nations that do not deserve to be on earth, and at that time, your spring will be your winters and autumns your be your summers. Drink to the dregs the bitterness of nations and colonized peoples. Obsolete monarchies, like the wren Morocco, instead of concentrating their efforts to improve the lot of their peoples, living in luxurious palaces and spend millions of dollars in Western casinos. He has the wren of Morocco tried to recover its territories of Ceuta and Melilla which are still under Spanish rule? Instead, Morocco had bribed officials and Western journalists to blow thousands of dollars to defend the interests of a privileged class, providing a golden bridge to American and European journalists to fight through their articles the claims of freedom of the Saharawi people, which will be free sooner or later, as Morocco or not, and to counter Algeria. No need to recruit in Washington or Paris to try to harm Algeria, the enemy is inside the house, knowing that Hamid Grine, the Minister of Communication, Advertising and Virtue of the Algerian People's Democratic Republic for the Makhzen rolls. So many dollars that could be saved. The revelations of our friend Chris Coleman, the Arab Snowden, have broken a scandal at the UN by revealing that the Moroccan ambassador in Geneva had managed to infiltrate the entourage of the former High Commissioner for Human Rights, UN Human Navi Pillay, offering hundreds of thousands of dollars to better handle all its actions concerning the case of violations of human rights in Western Sahara. Members of his staff, including the Swede Anders Kompass, Directors of Field Operations, and the Senegalese Bacre Waly Ndiaye, Director of Special Procedures, participated in closed-door meetings at the headquarters of the Moroccan embassy in order to provide confidential information. These hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent by the wren from Morocco to thwart the goals of the UN and its envoy to the Western Sahara, Christopher Ross, and to discredit the work of honest officials, removing the bread from the mouths of the people Moroccan bursting slab and emigrated en masse, fleeing a wren pocket led by the West and Israel. All these criminal practices show the dilapidated state of these monarchies who do not care about the misery of their people. Mohamed VI of Morocco could build schools and factories for his people, but no! It should please the West and Israel and offer his fleshy parts. To date, Morocco has not published any denial about these revelations.
Today we reclaim our colonized status, because how could we accept that we completely bankrupt countries impose their law, if we were not with the colonized peoples of the complex? The West is struggling in systemic crises and despite this, we kneel before him. It is far from Baudelaire's headlights but we are still orders, placing our bearings in the West who is our only reference to modernity, the West remains for us backward peoples, the only viable model, our compass. Offering ourselves our neck to the executioner, we syndromes Stockholm street. Yet there are other models, such as the BRICS countries, but no, our star is still the West that strives to invent us deadly concepts satiety. The word revolution is so gutted, we have been served so many sauces, the simple act of going to the toilet became "revolutionary." Our disposal, we have been the pillars of the capital, allowing him to delay his agony by our inertia and our lack of fighting spirit or our clinical death, and imperialism, the highest stage of capitalism will come to us all to carve his As the image of our tribes, transforming us into many additional markets. Our lack of foresight and fighting spirit makes us responsible for our direct scheduled disappearance. Western populations undergoing major systemic crisis of capitalism, allow the dying to breathe capital by agreeing to be reduced to insecurity and work in solid black, and renouncing passively to the destruction of their social acknowledgments that their grandparents had won the fight while we submit to the south. This regressive convergence of Western society have lost their way and ours with his mentality colonized and underdeveloped provides respite to the decline in capital. The opposite would be the immediate death of capitalism and imperialism. Why Capitalism, even laminated inside and producing nothing more, is based there on individualism, if it is to counter the union forces around the world? It recycles through our respective disqualifications and fragmentation of our societies. Work globally with all anti-capitalist forces is indispensable to push capital into a corner, destroy his bestial mode operation of exploiting man by man, and put a final end. It is more than ever necessary to be internationalist if one wants to exist as a human being. Meanwhile, the capital survives the decay of working and their management strengths, whether unions or workers' parties, and thanks to the relaxation of the southern peoples. The institutions of big business feeding corruption schemes which are characterized subservient to him, as we have seen above in the example of the Moroccan lobby the Western press and UN officials. Our primate wars that are based on religion, ethnicity, tribalism, etc. combined with a Western society dilapidated delivered to the ignorance and rampant illiteracy, participated in consolidating the grip of capital and its armed wing imperialism. Everyone vegetate under capitalist domination watching the butchering of whole countries on television, capitalism leveraging the division between peoples and boosting the individualization of society, everyone living in resourcefulness and indifference of the fate of his neighbor. All these factors make us beings dominated beings instead of free men and women. In short, each tapine for capital chanting "Tout va très bien Madame la Marquise," and certainly not the International. The capitalists are smarter than the companies they dominate, they offer the Apocalypse south and insecurity in the north, and even if the gain down, they prefer to revolution. Instead of having him against resistance forces allied with pain and bloodshed, capital offers the opportunity to manipulate according to his envy of bleating sheep. To the north is "eat to be happy," and south is, "you slay each other to the grace of God." Meanwhile, capitalism thrives in a short and medium term knowing that in the long-term investment, it is condemned to die by his own mechanisms. And imperialism inevitably die side effects of the end of capitalism. The example to follow comes from the peoples of Latin America that offer us a glimmer of hope in these opaque darkness, and it is no coincidence that those countries that have managed to free themselves from the yoke of the Empire meet the growth and development of their citizens. It is not too late for the wretched of the earth to raise their heads, to break their chains and loudly proclaim: "Workers of the world, unite! ".
Mohsen Abdeloumen
Published on Oximity, on November 3, 2014:é-d-être-d-1
Couldn't have said it better, myrabbit ...
The White Rabbit! aka Freeman Money ... ;~)
Op. #OTB Has Started 99% HEROES WANTED! :-)

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