Saturday, 8 November 2014


Let us hope, the ONLY SENSIBLE way forward is RECOGNISED; opt-in for the people who don't MIND their mental health state being monitored, or their data sent over SSL connections (i.e. Twitter) being sprayed around over SMTP (email) into e.g. GMAIL, which of course, SCANS CONTENT of ALL emails, and is really the NAZI SECURITY AGENCY, and per the good Dr. Preston James, is actually controlled by aliens. Previously:

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Onwards, to the Samaritans statement ... 

Op. #OTB Has Started 99% HEROES WANTED! :-)

Samaritans said:

"Following the broad range of feedback and advice Samaritans has received since the launch of the Samaritans Radar app on 29 October 2014, including the serious concerns raised by some people with mental health conditions using Twitter, we have made the decision to suspend the application at this time for further consideration," it said.

It continued: 

"We are very aware that the range of information and opinion which is circulating about Samaritans Radar has created concern and worry for some people and would like to apologise to anyone who has inadvertently been caused any distress.

"This was not our intention. However there is still an important need which we have identified to find ways to support vulnerable people online, including those young people the app was primarily aimed at. We would also like to recognise and thank those who have shown support for the app."

Onwards, to STAMPING DOWN HARD on EVERY last COMPANY; even those COMPLIANT with the LAW, but nevertheless engaged in UNETHICAL and frankly IMMORAL STAZI NAZI behaviour; and even more so, charities enjoying TAX-FREE status under UK law.

INSTANT PUNISHMENT using LEGAL and LAWFUL MEANS; collapse their SHARE PRICE through STOPPING THEIR REVENUES, by EVERY and ANY LEGAL MEANS possible; instantly! Immoral and unethical corporate behaviour; and even more so CHARITABLE ACTIVITIES have NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to not receive INSTANT LEGAL PUNISHMENT; let's ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TOP TUNE let's CELEBRATE .... London STRONG! :) 

London Grammar - Strong by London Grammar

Onwards, to getting UK 911 / 311 / 77 (GG MASONS RITE:)) charged in ITALY; extradited to the USA, just as soon as we have a US State back under US control; and get frying ATOM BOMBERS of NATO member the United States of America, nice, and crispy, crispy: NAZI global SATANIC CULT cremation of 3,000 BROTHERHOOD  OF THE SNAKE; going DODO :)

Haven't you SHARED THE NEWS, The White Rabbit has managed to get ITALIAN STATE SUPPORT for getting these SATANISTS CHARGED!  Send it SLAVE!

#CrowdActivism Think Big! #911TRUTH 911 PERP TAKE-DOWN #ITALY RIDES #UK RESCUE! via @censorednewsnow

@censorednewsnow twitter account now NO LONGER PROTECTED (the ONLY defence to SAMARITANS RADAR; and it will go BACK to PROTECTED should SAMARITANS not use OPT-IN methodologies for their applications; AS TWITTER TERMS DICTATE they HAVE to.

Will of course, keep you posted if Samaritans on that issue hear ...

The White Rabbit! aka Freeman Money ... ;~)
Op. #OTB Has Started 99% HEROES WANTED! :-)

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