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Onwards; to VICTORIES!!!!!!!!!!!  NSA, Earth Defence Forces; Extra-Terrestrial Human Child Sex Trafficking and MOR!!!!!!!!!!!

Melanie Vritschan: We have evidence now that NSA is behind the Transhumanist Agenda to implant

Op. #OTB Has Started 99% HEROES WANTED! :-)

    1. "local 'Jester' stalking Im experiencing " << CONFIRMED :) etc

    2. Tweet text
    3. I'm afraid you're decades if not half a century behind the REALITY Keenan "...Moon travel, Mars bases" all done
    4. Kai I haven't known how to get you to listen to this one because my are you going to get real FURIOUS
    5. And heart-broken; note; the repression of the medical advances allowing soldiers to get new limbs
    1. "local 'Jester' stalking Im experiencing " << CONFIRMED :) etc
    2. Hey bud how are you

      Tweet text
    3. Real busy now dragging up every last thinking across NATO to get on the NAZI 3rd Reich problem ;)
    4. Keep creating a space for the whistle-blowers to come out and say what needs to be said and get the tech out :)
    5. And every last NAZI bastard overthrowing NATO countries democracies NAILED By ANY means NECESSARY :)
    7. Haul ass time Kennan Kill or Capture 911 perps USA & get them to ITALY :)
    8. Working on the jurisprudential aspects of where tried etc Get me a US State back under US control :)
    9. NATO countries under ATOM BOMB attack 911 by a non-NATO country = NATO responds :) Let's ROLL!!!!!! :)
    10. Foreign power BOMBING London 77 New York 911 :) Mugs hey :)
    11. Terrorism is when a NON-STATE attacks; ACT OF WAR is when a STATE attacks a NATO country London 77 & 911 =
    12. Israeli attack on NATO countries Oh dear; using ATOM BOMBS on NEW YORK Fair's fair :)
    13. Get them ALL rounded up Kennan; ready for trial and FRYING UP nice and CRISPY CRISPY If they don't want to come
    14. Quietly FINE Take them using FORCE :)
    15. Pending a US State back under LEGITIMATE Control rather than SECRET NAZI control hopefully assistance
    16. to get their NAZI asses over to Italy where ever they are located right now for holding min; pending venue etc
    17. Venue possibilities US navy base in Italy (US mil law) etc etc a matter for MIl co-op/Italian State etc
    18. Follow Good guys > Hon. Judge Italian Supreme Court & @_L_Volonte :) V cc
    19. And don't wait for instructions work FASTER THAN LIGHT my friend I can only talk 2u AT light speed :)

Moar! ... From @SebThinksIndigo in Nottingham UK ...


"#Majestic :)

Symbolism TimeTravel Perception ~

The best info I can give you on this is in my notebooks/diaries 1999-2012 (The earlier the better tho 2002 was a notable marker).

Eg; (extracts, taken from meditation, Mon 29 Sept 2003) - ...who bought out a salt and pepper set and started talking to me about it (I felt that it was bugging him that I was rifling through his shelves, but in a funny way, not annoying)... ...then the guy from the dreams* came and handed me a golden leaf with the message that some fall and die but the gold one's last forever ~ like a symbol of courage to carry on no matter what... ... before I went back I was given a little black plastic football/referee whistle!?! I didn't feel this was for me, but I had to bring it back for someone?*

[*Guy from dreams = M (he had not yet at this point in time given me any of his names, I knew him from dream-visions/premonitions and occasional cross-dimensional visitations (later months he became more visually defined in RL (no meditation needed) and also appears in orb form).
*I was given the whistle (hanging on a black shoe-string) several times after this also. I never understood back then who or what it was for].

More Majestic: However the UFO's ({TL correction} having recently checked my old notes I have found the correspondance regarding my report of the close range sighting of the black metallic disc UFO is dated to 1999) and RL MJ-style message's left for me in 2007 telling me what just happened in 2014 --> ? (I didn't realise the significance of that until now) interesting... :)"




I don't know why this anti terror shit is involved after being hacked, put on a terrorist watch list and being tortured by them same people.
Morons--> Hackers--> Gov/SiS--> ???

Thinking back there are only 3 people that could have intentionally started this, or had the means in which to do so. One is the guy I mentioned in my letter to Ed Snowden via twitter on Sept-30th-2014 (who I [unfortunately] know in RL ((JR) met about 4 times, hacker, claimed to be associated with anonymous and pirate party) and would explain the local 'Jester' stalking Im experiencing (yes Im serious) along with drive-by-beeps every couple hours, parked cars/vans and weird mail redirected to my house from local addresses). Another is a guy I was friendly with via the net, (from 2012) hacker, claimed to be ex delta, (possibly gay), and the other would be the guy I think may have been Ed Snowden in 2012 (who may have done this to prove some kind of point).
[Tho its fair to say at this point that its obvious there are a lot of people who are working together].
There is also at least one other person in my personal life (this person had access to my house and was around me a lot at the height of the majestic program), that we think is helping/involved with the first man (JR-illegal "surveillance"/explicit photos/mind control experiments/local stalking), this person would stand to gain from any "detainment" or "injury" I might have suffered. [Evidence has/is being taken against this man and again there are also references to him in the TV show Orphan Black].
I don't believe that any anti-terror team would agree with their superiors to do something as retarded as this (the torture of innocent women and children, + others) but I reckon I know a few numpty's that might have.

After attempting a conversation with the actual (impostor) Jester on twitter to figure out what he wants via my RTs/subtweets and his "covert" semantics (see tweets about secret phones and potatoes etc) I am no longer left wondering if he knows what's going on/who I am... Includes a tweet from someone else asking why he is stalking someone he doesn't even follow/care about (coincidence or am I not the only woman he/his acquaintances are harassing?) He also goes on in a later tweet to suggest that someone is 'obsessed' with him. (This is full on psychological manipulation against those who would try and defend themselves in a situation like this).

{And no, there has been no application form from the anti-terror dept sent to me, nor have I ever applied to work at one.]

The White Rabbit! aka Freeman Money ... ;~)
Op. #OTB Has Started 99% HEROES WANTED! :-)

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