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Re Royal Courts of Justice Queens Bench Division Case HQ10D04366 and Mold Crown Court official Judge report, Case T20110578.

Being the other third party involved in Case HQ10D04366 with Gordon Bowden v Ms Andrea Davison I would like to take this opportunity to thank Gordon Bowden for his valiant effort in attempting to expose the evil and satanic activity that exists at all levels of politics both within the United Kingdom and many other countries overseas and their respective cohorts in the Banking,Financial,oil,gas and mining sectors etc.

I have to say that if this case ever became public and was allowed to be published by the existing highly controlled media this would have to be the biggest case ever to reach the court system because of its extremely sensitive nature and complexity.
We are talking here about:

Historical and current massive domestic/international fraud amounting to billions if not trillions of dollars and associated tax evasion

Illegal arms dealings with many countries including those that they profess to be our enemy
The illegal purchase and subsequent loss of nuclear weapons using "British Tax Payers Money" that was then channeled via the private sector and involved extremely high profile British Government officials and their associated parties, one being the current PM David Cameron who obtained £17.8 million pounds for Margaret Thatcher election party funds (recorded in Hansard)

The loss of those "Battlefield Ready Nukes" by the gross neglect of the British Government which then took us to war in the Middle East and whom were also involved (with our various allies) in the supply of Chemical and Biological Warfare to our alleged enemy (Iraq) who then used them on the Kurds and also on the Iranians during the Iraq-Iran War 22 September 1980 – 20 August 1988.

The loss in Scotland (2nd June 1994) of an RAF Chinook helicopter under very suspicious circumstance when ZD576 (callsign F4J40) crashed into the headland of the Mull of Kintyre, Scotland, killing all twenty-five passengers and four crew on board. Among the passengers were almost all the United Kingdom's senior intelligence experts, very senior British Army experts and Northern Ireland Police not to mention a very talented special operations aircrew. Whistle blowers revealed to me (including Ms Andrea Davison herself) that this was an inside job compliments of the British Department of Trade and Industry with alleged involvement of a second US Navy Seals Chinook helicopter. Another whistle-blower divulged that the passengers and crew had not died as a result of multiple injuries associated with a high speed impact but had all been shot through the head.
Last but not least the declaration by Ms Andrea Davison of massive pedophilia within the United Kingdom which also involved very senior political figures etc and the associated files that were made available to past and current Prime Ministers and Members of Parliament.

I can support Gordon Bowden and confirm that most of the above has been made available to past and current Members of Parliament both by various forms of communications including direct presentation by hand which is duly recorded and in some cases filmed and photographed.

This case has to be of vital importance to the people of the United Kingdom and many other countries and must be made public in order to bring those responsibly to justice.

In closing I would like to voice my concern that the political scene is so corrupt with direct involvement by the New World Order/Illuminati and sad to say those those we elected to represent us no longer remain as our civil servants and that their self induced illegal " Statute Law" as attempted to highjack our own legal "Common Law" and we must do everything in our power to return democracy to the people!
Kind Regards

Peter Eyre


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