Sunday, 23 November 2014

#D0xed: 50 DEAD BANKERS/CEOs FOLLOW AKilluminati ‏@An0nKn0wledge MOR > @censorednewsnow

Op. #OTB Has Started 99% HEROES WANTED! :-)

  1. what does that mean what's an intra vires?

    Tweet text
  2. Understand the meaning, by reference to it's antonym
  3. And so NATO T = TREATY (international law) - thus, there are POWERS CLAUSES; describing what NATO is FOR; and *CAN DO* :)
  4. It's a DEFENSIVE PACT i.e. the TREATY simply put; any NATO country attacked by a NON-NATO country; ALL NATO countries DEFEND
  5. U heard of Ukraine attacking any NATO country ??
  6. Planes bombed Donetsk, flew from bases in Romania - See more at:
  7. To BOMB using NATO assets ahah GOTCHA :) So we FRY this fucker > RASMUSSEN
  8. And I told his successor to get him arrested and gave him 24 hours to do so cc'd ITALY & Hon Judge
  9. Dipshit didn't choose to turn NATO around and git the WAR CRIMINAL 4,700 EUROPEANS
  10. Gotta get this show on the road cops bottom up coming along nicely in the UK per previous tweet; time, to get NATO sorted :)
  11. ps most probably haven't sent anything for a long while 3 4U from get u up to speed NATO member :)
  12. You'll definitely like the speedy result from getting going :) hehe
  13. Et viola as the French like to say ;)
  14. Friday, November 14, 2014 ECIPS DEMANDS CEO's & DIRECTORS 9 days; we're UP :) V
  15. Up on BANKERS time, for NATO :) V
  16. Bankers and war; sorta go, together, ALWAYS, right :) lol
  17. Now here's the really, really tricky clever bits
  18. Seems like there's at least a sort of 40% or HIGHER chance that Obama may have signed off AND supplied MINI-NUKES 4 USE
  19. And if Obama did that we can all stop guessing good guy or bad guy methinks Luca; if he signed on nukes

The White Rabbit! aka Freeman Money ... ;~)
Op. #OTB Has Started 99% HEROES WANTED! :-)

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