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And so, having extensively covered the MISSING NUKES ... which of course, no one admits, are missing, we have this in from a UK jury; and I'm saying NOTHING MORE AT ALL, about MISSING NUKES; of course, NEW YORK wasn't ATOM BOMBED, and of course, with everyone in their RIGHT mind NOT trying to HEAR or SEE anything anymore; the way FULLY OPEN NOW, for the UK to get ATOM BOMBED; with every professional in the RIGHT  mind; desperately now seeking to remain ENTIRELY IGNORANT of any information whatsoever, that might put them under a DUTY to REPORT (and get themselves JAILED by the very people whose lives they were trying to save; MUGS GAME ;)).

666 & The Cult of Saturn

First, the JURY DECISION: then, read on.

"A barrister who claimed that German spies were plotting to attack the Queen with a nuclear weapon at the London Olympics has been found guilty of communicating false information.

Michael Shrimpton, 57, called a close colleague of former Defence Secretary Philip Hammond in April 2012 to say that a nuclear warhead had been stashed in an east London hospital and was going to be used to attack either the Queen, the Olympic Stadium, or the opening ceremony.

He also claimed his house in Wendover, Buckinghamshire, was a 'bona fide' HQ for an international intelligence network - but he is today facing jail after being found guilty at Southwark Crown Court.

A jury of nine men and three women found Shrimpton guilty of two counts of communicating false information after more than six hours of deliberation, with majority 11-1 verdicts.

Sentencing will take place in February of next year after Judge Alistair McCreath QC ordered that Shrimpton be sent for psychiatric evaluation."

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Op. #OTB Has Started 99% HEROES WANTED! :)

Op. #OTB Has Started 99% HEROES WANTED! :-)

  1. See something, say something; go to jail Don't see something, don't NEED to say something; DO'NT go to jail Now let me think
  2. Having to Erase words & quote or they won't let UR tweets back over the pond Hitting Sore Spots

    Tweet text
  3. The same Law system that gave U Ur License Just took it away Ur an Obama Laywer now
  4. Doesn't surprise me UK and US govt's BOTH heavily INVOLVED -> stole the nukes & sold via ISRAEL & PM mini-nukes sold
  5. to racist South Africa ..neither government - ALL COMPLICIT (Cameron is PM so that this COVERUP of TORY PARTY FUNING can CONTINUE
  6. Tory party was BROKE see ... out of BIZ .... until DAVID CAMERON went with DOCTOR DAVID KELLY to SOUTH AFRICA with MOSSAD &
  8. A trace of this transaction appears in HANSARD :)
  9. Just GooGle ... 1980's ... just BEFORE Apartheid ENDED :)
  10. One BROKE TORY PARTY, with NO SUPPORT **AT ALL** in the UK; still around today, because DAVID CAMERON ILLEGALLY SOLD MINI-NUKES :)
  11. TWENTY MILLION like MAGIK; suddenly appeared in TORY PARTY FINANCES; and here we ALL are; NEW YORK ATOM BOMBED COVERTLY :)
  12. Recovered COVERTLY sold NUKES need to be COVERTLY disposed of see ;)
  13. Understanding geopolitics a little better now are we :) Mr Bloomberg Now Sir Bloomberg, I hear :)
  14. If it's ever OFFICIALLY admitted NUKES were USED Guess what can be TRACED (radioactive DECAY = FINGERPRINT on WHO MADE NUKES :)
  15. Weapons grade PLUTONIUM and URANIUM is TRACEABLE :)
  16. FORENSICALLY TRACEABLE; it starts to DECAY immediately = FINGERPRINT on **EXACTLY WHEN** it was PRODUCED c :) :) :)
  17. Starting to understand > UN SPEECH "people who believe CONspiracies about 77 & 911 are WORSE THAN ISIS" :)
  18. >> HAS to MAINTAIN the LIE;or guess who goes to JAIL before he gets EXTRADITED and *FRIED** :) ATOM BOMBS
  19. And that's HOW and WHY he came out of NOWHERE and became PM the ENTIRE CRIMINAL TORY PARTY *needs* him as PM to COVER UP their
  20. ILLEGAL MINI-NUKE SALES ... no doubt LINED POCKETS all along the DEAL too for just about EVERYONE involved AT ALL :)
  21. Welcome to the HOME of a VAST GLOBAL *covert* CRIMINAL CONspiracy ... with it's POLITICAL cover man > :)
  22. GCHQ clearly HEAVILY involved over the years starting to make some SENSE now, why SIR Lobham why may have tried
  23. to murder me ... ;)
  24. Just like note someone MURDERED :) Can't think WHAT HE WAS REALLY GOING TO SPILL BEANS ON Can you :)
  26. And now of course, I must just point out I'm of course "Permanently Delusionally Disordered" Going to be INTERESTING hey to c
  27. what PSYCHIATRIC DIAGNOSIS they stick on my learned friend now ... I wonder would it be ...
  28. "permanently delusionally disordered" too :)
  29. Detained by PSYCHIATRY; 9th :)
  30. And each of those six days I had TEAMS of PSYCHIATRISTS inbound on me some times, TWICE a day :)
  31. And so no you get intel in about NUKES INBOUND ON UK; I just don't want to KNOW; don't TELL ME :)
  32. And let's both HOPE if they ATOM BOMB London like they ATOM BOMBED NYC they hit the CITY ;)
  33. Perfect One banker problem - all 50,000 of them VAPOURISED :)
  34. They don't like to leave WITNESSES alive Have you noticed; plenty of WITNESSES to the HUGE FRAUDS in the USA, in
  35. I can't fix stupid Noreen But I can watch it vapourised. ;)

  1. did U get the info Tweets on Missing Nukes sent Yesterday x4 Was was it a Hoax? Won't ask again :)
  2. See something, say something; go to jail Don't see something, don't NEED to say something; DO'NT go to jail Now let me think
  3. Having to Erase words & quote or they won't let UR tweets back over the pond Hitting Sore Spots
  4. And each of those six days I had TEAMS of PSYCHIATRISTS inbound on me some times, TWICE a day :)
  5. are the Psychiatrists also in England mostly from former Dictatur-states like in Sweden

    Tweet text
  6. The 'psychiatrist' who threatened me with CRIMINAL PROSECUTION if I did not 'admit you're ill' POLISH :)
  7. that VERY SAME psychiatrist was one of the TWO who 'assessed me' and decided to DETAIN me 28 days :) This year ;)
  8. I *OUTED* him during the assessment to the INDEPENDENT psychiatrist the 2nd one present :)
  9. Stop the CABAL blowing up another just after 911 get threatened with CRIMINAL PROSECUTION later if you don't
  10. 'admit you're ill' I didn't I walked away from the 'help' of psychiatrists back then; no HELP at ALL :)
  11. But the SECOND I published
  12. Day after day after day SIX DAYS STRAIGHT kepinig me AWAKE; stopping me EATING ... always calling
  13. And of course, by day six, you're pretty WORN OUT; with NOT SLEEPING, and not getting TIME to EAT
  14. And thus, of course, they CAN TURN you PSYCHOTIC and then, DETAIN you :)
  15. Noticably for me OVER THE ELECTION PERIOD :) :)
  16. Couldn't CAMPAIGN nor could I even CAST A VOTE ;)
  17. Welcome, to 'British Democracy' ;)
  18. Note also; once DETAINED (and thus under the care of the CONSULTANT in CHARGE of the most secure unit
  19. Turns out THAT psychiatrist, nor ANYONE ELSE their could COUNT to 28 I got MYSELF released with HUGE help >
  20. Only after telephoned the CHIEF EXECUTIVE of the NHS TRUST concerned and DEMANDED my release ;)
  21. So much for me being "permanently delusional disordered hey I could CORRECTLY determine the LEGAL basis DETENTION
  22. No one, INSIDE the SECURE UNIT could :)
  23. Do u know I actually had to sit in a ROOM with TWO PSYCHIATRISTS the DEPUTY WARD MANAGER & HEAD NURSE &
  24. They ALL consulted their DIARIES and COULD NOT COUNT to 28 I didn't even HAVE a diary; I got it RIGHT :)
  25. Even after they were TOLD to RELEASE ME They wanted me to stay to see ANOTHER psychiatrist 'in a few hours;'
  26. I said "Open the door when I walk up to it, or I'm fighting you for the keys as is my LEGAL RIGHT" Wisely he opened
  27. the door, when I walked up to it
  28. Oh the JOYS of psychiatry my learned friend Mr Shrimpton has no idea what fun now comes his way; I feel sure.
    MUST WATCH! "Synagogue of Satan" (Full) by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock 1936-2006
The White Rabbit! aka Freeman Money ... ;~)
Op. #OTB Has Started 99% HEROES WANTED! :-)

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