Wednesday, 29 October 2014


French government institutions now requesting all users of DROPBOX dump
it for an alternative; 911 Perp Rice, joined the board; guess who's just
about to get robbed blind of all of their data, etc ;)

No time to peek at their suggested alternative; because I know the best
supplier of these services already; having written a book on crypto
(contents to come into this private web ... once I have installed with most probably drupal, hopefully today.

Grab yourself the best ZERO-KNOWLEDGE cloud storage (encrypted, ONLY YOU
can decipher; they have ZERO-KNOWLEDGE of either WHAT you have uploaded,
or of course, your deciphering key (passphrase);

Upload and forget your passphrasel what you uploaded is IRRECOVERABLY by
anyone, without VAST resources, and even then, with a long enough
passphrase, you'd have to have the resources of NSA on it, for weeks or
months, to break the encryption; highly recommended: click below & grab
a free 2GB (use that for your DIGITAL WEALTH and RECORDS in case YOU go
down with EBOLA; transfer your DIGITAL WEALTH & essential records etc,
by giving e.g the pass phrase ONLY to e.g. your legatee; click, get going


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on trouve une discussion intéressante sur les alternatives à DropBox ici :

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