Monday, 27 October 2014


Ebola Treatment Is Working According to Official In Sierra Leone, So Why Such Opposition?

A government official in Sierra Leone says that some people are recovering from Ebola because of a new treatment. The Minister of Information Alpha Kanu recently wrote in a letter that “this works; people are getting better.” But efforts to get this information and the treatment itself to people have met with great opposition on the part of the United States FDA and others. At this point, every option to treat Ebola, both pharmaceutical and natural, remains experimental. So why is this one option being met with so much resistance?

The option that has Kanu’s enthusiastic approval is a nutrient that is not manufactured by a big-name pharmaceutical company. It is called Nano Silver, in a 10 parts-per-million solution, made by the non-profit Natural Solutions Foundation. But it has not been easy to get the product to the countries that need it most.
According to a statement by NSF’s Medical Director Dr. Rima Laibow, a shipment of the product was shipped to Sierra Leone on August 20. However, it didn’t arrive until “September 28, 5 weeks later while the disease spread and people suffered and died unnecessarily because international forces opposed the simple clinical demonstration of the nutrient.” The shipment follows a statement made by the World Health Organization on August 12, reported by Mashable, that acknowledges that there is not yet a proven treatment, but even unproven options should be made available to people afflicted with Ebola.
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