Wednesday, 29 October 2014


In my view, there are no more two important documents to be read by all HUMAN on earth, certainly the first, for anyone inside the UK, and the second, for anyone on EARTH, than these two.

I have endlessly promoted them; and of course, got flattened by satellite and an assasination attempt in; once you've read them both COVER TO COVER, including the appendix, you'll understand a LOT more than just about everyone else on earth; about REALITY. ;) 

And not being in touch with REALITY, in the middle of a COVERT WORLD WAR, is usually fatal.

SEND BOTH: I suggest from now on, you focus only on those your truly care about:

The truth is, we just can't save everyone; only those who are not totally out of touch with reality.

BONUS BOOKS - Never got around to this one, but that's a BIG mistake:

And the truth is, of course, if you wanted to disinform, what better title to write, however, I'm about half way through, and I think this may be a book if you haven't read it and ET comes along; that may prove to have been a FATAL mistake; find the time, to join, me; and get it read, unlike me, before you end up with what may have been contact with extra-terrestrials.  Note, this does have a tiny foot note about the ORION; I'm NOT sure if I agree with it, AT ALL; will try update this comment once I've read the whole thing, because of course, it may be covered later in the work, the part yet unread.


Oh, more perhaps essentials, to go directly with the above; if you see something, this, IF MEMORISED, again, might just give you the ability to discern friend, or foe:

And of course, getting that decision wrong, could get you killed by a foe if they are a friend, & eaten :(

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