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Rothschild Bankers Enslave the World - Tim Rifat

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"Police in Scotland will formally investigate allegations that anti-Scottish independence campaigners breached electoral law during the referendum held on September 18.

“We can confirm that Crown counsel has instructed Police Scotland to commence an investigation into alleged breaches of Schedule 7, Paragraph 7, of the Scottish Independence Referendum Act 2013,” a statement issued on Saturday by the Crown Office, Scotland’s prosecution service reads.

The allegations relate to comments made by Ruth Davidson, a Member of the Scottish Parliament and leader of the Scottish Conservatives, in which she appeared to know the general results of postal votes arising from “sample opening” of ballot boxes.

Postal vote opening sessions are permitted before the formal poll is conducted to verify signatures and dates of birth against records held by the local Returning Officer. Agents for the two campaigns were allowed to monitor these sessions, but it is a criminal offense, punishable with up to a year’s imprisonment if found guilty, to communicate any information witnessed during the sample opening sessions.

In a television interview with the BBC shortly after the formal poll closed Davidson said “we’ve been incredibly encouraged by the results [of the postal vote],” implying the Scottish Conservative leader knew the outcome of the postal votes before the first formal results had been announced.

In another BBC interview just four days before the referendum John McTernan, a former adviser to Tony Blair said, “It’s important to remember that about a fifth of the electorate, that will be about a quarter of the total turn-out, have voted already. They have voted by postal vote. Those postal votes are running very strongly towards ‘no’. There is a whole bank of votes in.” Continues.

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BREAKING: Independent Journalist Chris Spivey Forcibly Removed From Home and Arrested
Posted by Royce Christyn in Middle East, News, UK, US, World 20 seconds ago

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"Independent journalist Chris Spivey has been arrested for a second time this year for writing articles challenging the mainstream media’s “official” story. According to a post on his official website: “Chris has been arrested again.

This is a quick message to you all to let you know Chris, within the last hour has been arrested. Reports from home say the police asked to come in but had no warrant so Chris refused, they then went about breaking in the front door and back windows to get to him, unfortunately they got him and have taken him away in handcuffs.

At this point this is all the information we have." Continues.
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Op. #OTB Has Started 99% HEROES WANTED! :-)

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