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"Imagine a World Run by Psychopaths - It is Real!"

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"NAZI Paperclip U.S. NSA Continues to Go Rogue

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Coast To Coast AM - October 13, 2014 Secret Space War

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Sunday   October 12, 2014

NAZI Paperclip U.S. NSA Continues to Go Rogue
by Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert
UNITED States of America   -

Leaked Documents Reveal NSA’s Computer Network Attack System: Reports  NSA has been using a system code-named SENTRY EAGLE to infiltrate foreign networks and acquire sensitive data.

© RIA Novosti. Mikhail Fomichev


MOSCOW, October 11 (RIA Novosti) - The National Security Agency (NSA) has been infiltrating foreign networks to acquire sensitive data using a system code-named SENTRY EAGLE, The Intercept reported Saturday.

“The facts contained in this program [SENTRY EAGLE] constitute a combination of the greatest number of highly sensitive facts related to the NSA/CSS’s [Central Security Service] overall cryptologic mission,” one of the leaked documents obtained by The Intercept stated.

“Individuals briefed into the SENTRY EAGLE may not share information regarding this program with those not read into this program, or foreign nationals, including those with whom NSA/CSS has a Second and Third Party relationships,” the document also stated warning that revealing any of the “core secrets” would jeopardize the national security of the US.

According to Intercept, the NSA has also had agents in China, Germany, South Korea and in American firms, possibly impersonating employees or businessmen.

One of the programs in SENTRY EAGLE called the HUMINI, a human intelligence asset, has the ability to intercept communications and electronic signals. The programs can also weaken encryption systems.

The documents were leaked by the NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and do not contain identity numbers or name of government officials who would know about the classified programs.

The Snowden archives indicate that the NSA’s activities have been ongoing as recently as 2012 despite the document being dated 2004. The sensitive information acquired follows an NSA/CSS framework from information released to the public colored green to information only released to selected government individuals marked in black.

P.S.  At this hour the NAZI Paperclip NSA engineered Ebola virus 'Black Op' that is being trumpeted by the NAZI Paperclip NSA-controlled, corporate fascist, extortion-friendly U.S. media is designed to continue to scare the American People, create a submissive atmosphere to coincide with a direct declaration of "Martial Law" and a massive crooked U.S. bank 'Bail-In' on the American People's pension funds.

In closing, this is a direct message to U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew:

It is time to fully implement the terms of the World Financial Settlements and the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols, which will return $32.7 TRILLION to the U.S. Treasury and save the world economy.

Note:  IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde wants you to do it NOW aka tout de suite!

Ultraviolet light robot kills Ebola in two minutes; why doesn’t every hospital have one of these?

MH-17 Report False Flag Exposed After Revelation Passenger Was Wearing Oxygen Mask

VITAL Intelligence Briefings

There Are NO Terrorists - There NEVER Were Any Terrorists

Banks Remain On the Brink

Black Ops and PsyOps and God Save the Queen

Black Ops and PsyOps 2, Pivot!

PsyOps and Black Ops 3

PsyOps and Black Ops 4

PsyOps and Black Ops and Ponzi Schemes 5

The REAL Terrorists are Exposed: They are the Bankers and the NSA

ISIS PsyOp Exposed as British Intelligence-NAZI Paperclip U.S. NSA Trickery

ISIS Crooked Bank Ponzi Scheme Exposed!

And an earlier on filtered (and missed filtered) into my SPAM (which of course, should never happen, but with GooGle on National TAKEOVER, well now, what more can I say ... Other than here it is:

"Sunday   October 5, 2014

Imagine a World Run by Psychopaths - It is Real!
by Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

UNITED States of America   -   It can now be reported that the lethal Ebola virus may have gone airborne endangering the lives of the entire American population.

Dallas Officials Looking For Missing "Low Risk" Potential Ebola Patient As CDC 'Almost' Adm it Ebola Is Airborne

The World Health Organization (WHO), which is a tool of the treasonous NAZI Paperclip occupation government controlling the United States, has actually banned the shipment to Africa of colloidal silver which can be used to treat the Ebola virus in its early stages.

Governments seize colloidal silver being used to treat Ebola patients ...

Colloidal Silver Fabulous Facts

Crooked U.S. and worldwide banks, which hold $70 trillion of cross-collateralized worthless derivatives aka I.O.U.s between banks will soon see their derivatives go hybrid.  These hybrid derivatives have the potential to collapse the entire global financial system.


FDIC & Bank of England Create Resolution Authority for Unlimited Cyprus-Style "Bail-Ins" for TBTF Banks!

The crooked banks now plan a massive "bail-in" on U.S. pension funds that have been illegally cross-collateralized to enable the purchase of the Alibaba IPO at $98 a share rather than the more realistic price of $68 a share.

Reference: Alibaba is a Communist Chinese company, which is actually a holding company in the Cayman Islands, which was originally de-listed on the Hong Kong Exchange two years ago.

This massive "bail-in" will be timed with a collapse in Alibaba stock, a meltdown in U.S. equity prices and a direct declaration of MARTIAL LAW on U.S. soil using the imported, now airborne Ebola virus as a predicate to declaring a "national emergency".

P.S. At this hour, Bill Gross' PIMCO Investments company is broke with an avalanche of redemptions occurring on a daily basis.  This meltdown in PIMCO will soon be timed with a meltdown in Alibaba stock as well as the entire U.S. stock market.

In closing, the American People must now clearly understand that they are under attack by a criminal, sadistic, satanic regime.

I do not have to mention names anymore.  YOU, the American People, know who they are.

They must be arrested immediately, the corporate-controlled, fascist, extortion-friendly U.S. propaganda media must be shut down with the American People being assisted by the patriotic U.S. Military who must do their duty NOW with the immediate restoration of the Constitution of the United States of America.

Labor Participation Rate Drops To 36 Year Low, Record 92.6 Million Americans Not In Labor Force

Market Breadth Has Collapsed Around The World

Vomiting Man Removed From Flight in Newark Is Ebola Free

Leo Wanta & The Missing $27 trillion That Could Change The World

The Real Reason United States Attorney General Eric Holder Was Forced Out!


CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY INTERVIEW: Mr Richard Gage @AE911Truth: FLW @censorednewsnow


"(Truthstream Media)
Russian news outlet Ria Novosti recently featured an interview with Professor Francis Boyle, University of Illinois College of Law, implicating the United States military-industrial complex in the current Ebola outbreak which the World Health Organization claims has now taken over 4,000 lives in West Africa.
“US government agencies have a long history of carrying out allegedly defensive biological warfare research at labs in Liberia and Sierra Leone. This includes the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which is now the point agency for managing the Ebola spill-over into the US,” Prof. Francis Boyle said.
“Why has the Obama administration dispatched troops to Liberia when they have no training to provide medical treatment to dying Africans? How did Zaire/Ebola get to West Africa from about 3,500km away from where it was first identified in 1976?”
“Why is the CDC not better-prepared for this emergency after the US government spent about $70 billion since the anthrax attacks of October 2001 to prepare for this exact contingency?” Boyle said.
Great question…how exactly did the Ebola virus get to West Africa from 3,500km away where it was first discovered in the Democratic Republic of the Congo?
Why isn’t anyone else asking that question? That question should be asked by every talking head on every mainstream media outlet on repeat 500 times a day every day until it is answered. Of course, predictably, none of the Western establishment media puppets are asking any of the tough questions about Ebola.
Questions like what happens if a mosquito bites an infected person, then flies off and bites someone else. Can Ebola spread then? Bill Gates certainly seemed to think so when he was funding research into mosquitoes as vaccine deployment systems." Continues

The White Rabbit! aka Freeman Money ... ;~)
Op. #OTB Has Started 99% HEROES WANTED! :-)

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