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John Titor, the Montauk Project, the e-Cat and Geometric Unity

If you will bear through reading a few paragraphs, you will see a factual connection formed between some of the standard big name "conspiracy theories." I have linked to all source material, and it should make for an interesting and exciting investigation should anyone care to verify the facts.

Around the year 2000, John Titor shared a diagram of his supposed C204 time machine on the internet. In the C204 diagram you will see the outputs of positive, null and negative time fields. This is very interesting because the new theory of Geometric Unity also has those time fields corresponding to the future, present and past.

Here are the two Geometric Unity articles that appeared on the Guardian website just a week before they broke the Snowden story:

Eric Weinstein may have found the answer to physics' biggest problems

Roll over Einstein: meet Weinstein

However, Eric Weinstein is not truly the author Geometric Unity. This is a new conspiracy. Details developed below.

Titor said that micro-singularities would be discovered at CERN. Geometric Unity says the universe is inside a black hole from one perspective, but from another perspective the universe is only one elementary particle in a larger fractal cosmos. If the universe is inside a black hole and the universe is an elementary particle, then the idea of a micro-singularity follows directly.

The dates at the John Titor website are all meaningful events in the life of the author of Geometric Unity. (I am the author.)

John Titor Foundation

The dates near the turn of the millennium all correspond to my military service and the two outlying dates in 2009 correspond to the lectures I attended at Georgia Tech which inspired my model. I have listed the specifics here:

What do the dates at the JT Foundation mean to you?

Obviously my name is not Titor. However, there is another John on the internet who does have my last name that is also a supposed time traveller. (I don't want to post my real name in the forum, but I am the author of the scientific articles linked below.) There used to be a site online in 2004 or so called John {mylastname}'s time travel website but it is offline now. If I'm not mistaken it was a geocities site. Still... the other John that does have my last name is credited with helping Steven Gibbs build the hyper-dimensional resonator.

Here is an interesting article about the Montauk Project that also mentions a John with my last name.


What is interesting about that article is that it says the project moved from Montauk to Robins AFB in Warner Robins, GA in 1995. I moved from Tucson to Warner Robins in 1994 and graduated from high school there in 1998. Warner Robins is a small town and many people there know me as Jon.

Now the e-Cat. There is a rumor on the internet about a free energy device called the e-cat. On May 21 of this year there was a big story that the device had been tested and confirmed by some reputable scientists.

Rossi’s E-Cat Cold Fusion Reactor Validated by Third-Party Tests

The e-cat technology allegedly uses some unknown reaction to morph a special nickel powder into copper in the presence of a helium catalyst and this releases "LENR" energy. I am skeptical of the e-cat but I will explain why I believe it related to my story.

I briefly studied astrophysics at Georgia Tech, but then I had to switch to materials science. I worked in a lab that studied how materials respond to high-speed impact events. I worked on solids but many others in the lab worked on powder compacts and nickel was by far the most popular metal powder we studied. We had a large cannon in the lab that would shoot a projectile at the sample which would be destroyed and caught in a large catch tank.

The barrel of the cannon, the sample mount and the catch tank were all sealed against the outside atmosphere. If there was air inside the system, as the high speed projectile came down the barrel, it would ionize and trip all the sample diagnostics before the impact event happened. To avoid that we created a vacuum in the system, then launched the projectile at around 1,000 m/s with compressed helium. Helium is noble gas and very resistant to ionization.

Furthermore, because impact properties (high strain-rate properties) of copper are so widely known, the thing we would shoot at the sample was usually a copper cylinder or a flat piece of copper mounted on the end of an aluminum cylinder.

With our diagnostics we would study how the shock wave of the impact travelled through the sample, and then the sample fragments would be recovered from the catch tank and inspected using various microscopy methods. Extreme impact events create a very unusual type of alloying between the sample and the impactor.
This extremely rare and unusual alloying may have been mistaken for an unknown LENR reaction when in fact it was just the copper bullet hitting the nickel target at high speed. The traces of helium are from gas we used to shoot the projectile.

While I was working in the high strain-rate lab, I had independently continued my cosmology research. If my work leads to free energy, and a spy came to look at what I was working on at GT they may have dug one of our discarded samples out of the trash and not understood high-strain rate alloying. That work has zero to do with my independent research.

While doing that independent research at Georgia Tech I solved the major outstanding problem in physics. I was also very involved in the Occupy movement and I believe it is (partially) for those political reasons that I am not being given due credit for what is plainly evident in my research. Did anyone notice the story about how the FBI released details of a plot to assassinate the occupy leaders?

FBI Document—“[DELETED]” Plots to Kill Occupy Leaders “If Deemed Necessary”

Interesting about that: no one was ever charged. I am quite certain the greater scenario regarding those things -- and the other things I mentioned -- is why my research is being suppressed. This paper is non-scientific and gives the context of Geometric Unity and a loose familiarity with what is happening now. It gives the clear context of how the lectures I attended near the two 2009 dates at the JT foundation, (both with divergence 1.941) were integral to the development of Geometric Unity:

The Truth About Geometric Unity

  Unlike ordinary cranks ranting on the internet about how they have unified the fields, Geometric Unity has a unique experimental prediction which can verify it or rule it out. CERN was a big part of Titor's story and so it will be in mine. They are expecting that the Higgs-like particle discovered in 2012 will have spin-0, but if it has spin-1 that means Geometric Unity is correct. The theory's prediction is explained in my post above in the article called The Truth About Geometric Unity. Of course, I am all about the facts and will not ask anyone to take my word for it that I have actually made a mathematical breakthrough in fundamental physics.

A new interpretation of time leads to a connection between general relativity and quantum mechanics. Einstein's equations and the fine structure constant derived from one simple principle.

Tempus Edax Rerum

The 14D geometric model is presented in detail. (Note well, Geometric Unity is described as 14D in one of the Guardian articles linked in the previous post.) A flaw in the ADM positive-definiteness theorem is identified. A major outstanding issue in Kaluza theory is resolved.

Geometric Cosmology

The standard model of particle physics is shown to be a geometric property of the Geometric Unity cosmology. A unique experimental prediction is made.

Quantum Structure

The features of the theory are treated in a technical, yet qualitative way. A solution to dark energy is proposed.

Dark Energy in M-Theory

Here is the first paper I wrote. It is highly technical but non-mathematical and very short. If you have some familiarity with physics I hope it is understandable. I believe I wrote this on the timeline both Titors visited in 2009 with a divergence of 1.941.

Modified Spacetime Geometry Addresses Dark Energy, Penrose's Entropy Dilemma, Baryon Asymmetry, Inflation and Matter Anisotropy

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