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The debate on CBC this morning has been about the new "back of the napkin" legislation being presented which is suspected of violating the charter of our freedoms and rights...and of course, because of security reasons, this new legislation cannot be made public just yet.  We shall see how the House reacts to it, and I am sure we will be hearing about it soon enough.

It's been a great ride, Canada.  We have managed to remain happy, yet aloof in our nests for lon ger than I thought we would.  It breaks my heart to hear the fear creeping into the interviewer's voice.  Most reporters are not stupid.  Although limited in what they can say and how they say it, they above all know what is going on, or suspect it.  I do not want to see this fear become as infectious as the false flag virus that is Ebola.

Are these attacks false flags?   Considering that ISIS was created by the false-government of the U.S.A., figure-headed now by the straw man/woman (you pick) that is Obama, and the fact that 9/11 has been proven to be THE false flag which heralded the coming of the Beast, I say yes, these attacks, like Ebola, are false flags designed  to keep us in a state of fear and suspicion t owards our neighbour.  They are counting on us being too terrified to do anything other than follow orders.  If they have the authority to round us up, it will fulfill Agenda 21 in the process, so that the re-greening of the  Earth can be achieved.  That is the ultimate goal of the Illuminati as we know, according the Georgia Guidestones.  The cube removed from it a few weeks ago, contained the number 22, the date Canada's heart was broken, bringing us into  line with our beleaguered neighbours to the South.  Canada has been yanked into terror-alert status.  People are shaken up and are becoming more wary of what is going on beyond the immediacy of their own lives.  It will be freakin' scary if this is the first time they have bothered to take a good look outside of the familiar and comfortable.  It will be a revelation that their own backyard could become a dangerous place.  This can no longer be ignored after innocents are murdered and flaunted to the world.  Once the newly awakened majority see what is happening, they will become warriors for the innocent, rising up in a tide of revolt so that we are not slaughtered like the sheep we used to be.

There is still time, but it is getting very short.  We need to love and trust in God, and to lose the fear surrounding the terror attacks on our psyches.  We have the power.  It is ours, and we must not give it away to the bullies, the tyrants, the terrorists, who so desperately feel the need to steal it from us,  Be good with God.  That is our only defense against the evil that has Satan at it's heart, being presented to us like a world-stage play, and we, the expendable ones, are its captive audience.

Stay strong, keep the faith, and have a blessed day.



Horror Before the Beheadings: What ISIS Hostages Endured
When James Foley was forced to his knees on a bald hill somewhere in Syria and executed on camera, it was a very public end to a hidden ordeal.
The story of what happened in an underground ISIS prison in Syria, which is now being told for the first time, is one of excruciating suffering. Mr. Foley was one of at least 23 Western hostages from 12 countries who were routinely beaten and subjected to waterboarding. They were starved and threatened with execution by one group of fighters, only to be handed off to members of another group who brought them chocolates and spoke as if they were contemplating freeing them. In their darkest hours, the hostages turned on one another. And they sought comfort in the faith of their kidnappers — embracing Islam and taking Muslim names.
The fates of the 23 diverged once their captors decided to trade them for ransom. Mr. Foley and his American and British cellmates watched as, one by one, 15 of their cellmates, all but one of them European, were freed for cash while they remained chained inside.
Their struggle for survival was pieced together through interviews with former hostages, locals who witnessed their treatment, family members and colleagues of the captives, and a tight circle of advisers who made trips to the region to try to win their release. Crucial details were confirmed by a former member of the Islamic State — the militant Sunni group also known as ISIS — who was initially stationed in the prison where Mr. Foley was held, and who provided previously unknown details of his captivity.

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