Monday, 27 October 2014


Get your account UP now;

"For every friend you invite to Coinbase, we'll send both you and them $5 worth of bitcoin when they complete a buy or sell of at least $100 worth of bitcoin!"

Get it FUNDED as above NOW; friends, helping FRIENDS, *SURVIVE**.

Note, you can PRINT your BITCOIN TO PAPER (scan/upload, to turn back to DIGITAL).

If the SOLAR STORM takes out ELECTRONICS; guess who's going to LOSE EVERYTHING held or RECORDED as held, ELECTRONICALLY ;) 

Get SOME wealth if you have some into BITCOIN and PRINT IT **NOW**.

Donations most gratefully received for this advice;

In Bitcoin of course ;) 

Start EARNING bitcoin ANONYMOUSLY (totally anonymously, if so wanted) RIGHT NOW, if you BLOG, or run ANY sort of website:

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