Saturday, 18 October 2014


Different day, same old ... the mass murdering NAZI empire, trying yet again, to MURDER it's way through DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED Presidents; like Kennedy before, and a whole lot of others, since: including of course, JOHN SMITH in the UK, and ROBIN COOK, in the UK, to clear the path for the FREEMASON SATANISTS, to ILLEGALLY INVADE and SLAUGHTER MUSLIMS, who of course, have JESUS H CHRIST as their prophet just as CHRISTIANS do ...

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Argentina President Claims US Plotting to Kill Her

  1. Who'd have Thunk A Rabbit & a Sheep Could take on NWO Swine ;) But By 4 Now By :)

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  2. LOL Sleep well :) The Horses are on it now too :) The White Rabbit! :~)
  3. And the Horses have teamed up with the Cats :) The White Rabbit! ;~)
  4. Don't worry Brits we'll never let our mates down over the pond :) Sleep well. Assholes going down to hell BIG-TIME :)

UK OPERATION CLEANSWEEP UPDATE -UK Column News ~ 16th October 2014

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Cyborg Kieron lee Perrin Lecture at the Bases Conference


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Op. #OTB Has Started 99% HEROES WANTED! :-)

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