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“ISIL’s war just went global” Full details and the FULL 42 PAGE English translation, below!

How apt; seconds after this exchange:

  1. All those who have previous donated; excepted, of course; no cowards ;) xx
  2. oh.. manipulating/guilt.. nice one lol

    Tweet text
  3. The truth hurts those to whom recognise the truth of the statement made; no others ;)
  4. Your cowardice astounds planet earth and all of humanity
  5. I accept the valuation you put on your life of less than 70 pence. Enjoy FEMA CAMP Would make a nice change.

We have ALL the PROOF in the world, just in; as ISIS / ISIL / IS (aka ASET ;)) declares WAR ON THE WORLD, for the CRIMES of the COWARDS in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, unable, UNWILLING to REMOVE THEIR MASS MURDERING TRANNY TYRANNY from POWER!

Op. #OTB Has Started 99% HEROES WANTED! :)
Op. #OTB Has Started 99% HEROES WANTED! :-)

Al Jazeera: “ISIL’s war just went global”
"Group calls for attacks on US and allies wherever they are - a declaration of war and a defining moment of this conflict 

"In a new 42-minute message posted on Monday, it has called for the first time on its global support to take its fight to foreign shores beyond the Middle East.

Abu Mohammed Ali al-Adnani, the group's spokesman, urges listeners to strike the US and its allies and neither seek permission nor to look for justification.

He calls on them to use any means necessary to cause the enemy injury. The language is formal and clear: "Kill the disbeliever whether he is civilian or military, for they have the same ruling. Both of them are disbelievers."

The US president, Barack Obama, is openly mocked. Adnani refers to him as a "mule of the Jews" and a coward who refuses to fight on the ground but chooses instead to strike from the air. The group insists it did not declare war against Europe and the US but has been forced to act following a US-led international response in Iraq.

ISIL is convinced that the states making up the coalition against them will pay dearly in both blood and treasure. The Arab nations backing the coalition are also singled out for attack. Indeed anyone anywhere who has criticised ISIL is now fair game.

This statement of intent is both significant and chilling in its simple declarative voice.

‎ISIL wants to carry out a big attack on the soil of the US and its allies. Failing that, the group wants individuals to carry out operations.

Any large-scale organised attack claimed by ISIL will serve two purposes. It will scare people in to going to war while giving politicians the cover to be able to do so. The September 11 attacks of 2001 and the ensuing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are the textbook example of that. As in the past, this new venture may mean coalition boots on the ground.

ISIL want to engage in a ground war against coalition troops. The reason for that is simple. Their recruitment, they hope, will go through the roof as young men the world over flock to Iraq and Syria to fight and kill enemy soldiers.

When it comes to writing the history of ISIL, Adnani's statement will be seen as one of its defining moments. This is the moment when a declaration of war was made against the US and its allies."


  1. Hell of a week Em I think BP are into FUNDING oh DEAR
  2. blimey that's huge. But who's funding them?
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  3. Time to decide if you want the City to murder you kids or if you want to murder, city bankers ;) LOL
  4. ps to answer your question; the US STATE DEPT opposed the closure of the BANK and another US Govt dept wanted SHUT
  5. Because ALL the EVIDENCE showed it was a CONDUIT for TERRORIST FINANCING and then, ISIS (aka ASET :):):)) appears months later
  6. The MOST WELL FINANCED and ARMED 'terrorist' group that ever walked the earth ... just like ... MAGICK appeared ;)
  7. Details, as always, on site ; Including, the name of the Bank ;)
  8. I note the TIMING for in POLITRIX timing, is EVERYTHING 911 NUCLEAR ATTACK goes VIRAL (3-4 days ago)
  9. This, is the NUCLEAR TERRORIST SAUDI response funding, via QATAR (they want the SYRIAN pipleline)
  10. MOSSAD leads ISIS amazing for an ALLEGEDLY ISLAMIC force, it only ever BEHEADS and nationals, not JEWISH ones, hey:)
  11. the leader of ISIS is a MOSSAD agent; and the person's name he's using DIED in IRAQ ;)
  12. Just like COLONEL TIM OSMAN Em They like to use DEAD MEN, as the BOOGEYMAN; for dead men, tell no lies :)
  13. I can't say more on this particular subject But what I can say Em, is what you were told about the BEHEADING in LDNDON may not
  14. By someone who must remain for legal reasons, and their personal and familial safety, etc; unnamed, about that.
  15. Fall for the show your kids, will get slaughtered in the desert
  16. They're desperate CORNERED people Em expect bangs, worldwide, and possibly nuclear ones ;)
  17. Desperate CORNERED people do STUPID DANGEROUS things
  18. Tuesday, 30 September 2014 TRILLINAIRE BANKERS DECLARE WAR ON EWE making more sense now I hope :)
  19. if the US default happened THIS SUNDAY well now, WHO REALLY, ***NEEDS*** the BIGGEST EVER DISTRACTION from their BANKRUPTCY :)
  20. And what RELIGIOUS group is noted, for being somewhat how shall I say, dominant, in the FINANCE sectors ;)
  21. Send off your first born on SATAN'S mission if you must Em
  22. People wish to play fake politics with GENOCIDAL psychopaths who can't "Take a haircut". If that's you, you're a FOOL Em. ;) xx
  23. Only IDIOTS and MORONS fall for this nonsense anyone with half a working gray cell will go hang every banker in the UK the
  24. second any politician or the PM calls for ground troops in or anything AT ALL goes BANG or gets BEHEADED in the UK :)
  25. 8 feet of rope the nearest lamp-post and a lot of hung terrorists will solve the 'world war' problem, in seconds. ;)
  26. No need for your kids to die unless you can't find the courage, to protect them from their real enemy who wants them DEAD
  27. For the sole reason they don't like to have a 'haircut' ;)
  28. Done all I can with the Yanks love 13 years of my life; first 8 in hiding; last four working for no pay; they begrudge ONE DOLLAR
  29. As you can see, from the exchange, just in So let the brainwashed idiots of America problem get solved in the desert
  30. Every last living American has NO EXCUSE AT ALL anymore Em If this starts, it's because AMERICANS WANT IT TO
  31. That's THEIR choice Em Choose, a WISER path, for the UK ;)
  32. America today; the BIGGEST JIHADI TRAINING CAMP on PLANET EARTH they just call it by a different name
  33. They've LOST their MINDS in the USA and think of nothing more now, than causing GENOCIDE
  34. There isn't a CHRISTIAN left ALIVE over there Em Not one, that can remember, the first rule, from their 'GOD' Which is Em?
  35. one total MORON even just wrote in "I give my money to Jesus"
  36. I couldn't quite pluck up the courage to find out his answer on the bank coordinates for His account :)
  37. But LOVE to GIVE their MONEY to 'JESUS' and their kids lives, to BANKERS, they do; 'because they're Muslims'
  38. What ever time, to ban Americans, travelling anywhere in EU
  39. They've fallen in love with killing But at least I now understand the concept which I never did before, of BLOOD LUST
  40. Ironic isn't it how 'Christians' could think to go off AGAIN and GENOCIDE people who share JESUS CHRIST as a COMMON prophet

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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

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Op. #OTB Has Started 99% HEROES WANTED! :-)

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