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(VIRAL) September 11: The New Pearl Harbor #DOCUMENTARY

And so, the very best documentary of them all, as determined by @consensus911 ... And with a minor cameo from one ... The White Rabbit!

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(VIRAL) GLOBAL >> September 11: The New Pearl Harbor (2013)     (VIRAL)  

(VIRAL) September 11: The New Pearl Harbor (2013) 


All here:

Quantum Correction 911

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All except the FULL INTERVIEW, by one ... The White Rabbit!  Which you can find here:

#AE911TRUTH Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth


We get questions ...

  1. Okay. I'm confused: WHO THE FUCK ARE THE NAZIS? NOW? bahahah :/
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  2. A tthe end of the Russians and Americans and Brits did deals with German NAZIS, you were likely taught
  3. a 'few hundred reocket scientists' we taken to the USA, actually it was 16,000 hardcore NAZIS and GEHLEN
  4. HEad of the SS, and thus DEATH CAMPS, was actually put in charge of European Intel (*can u believe it!) :(
  5. The Russians dug a fucking HUGE HOLE in the ground, stuffed the NAZIS in it and never EVER let them out
  6. Americans, how ever, gave them ALL new Identities, let them set up CIA / NASA And just 6 years later
  7. Prescot SCHERF (aka BUSH) tried overthrow USA by COUP in 1933 That's GHW bush's father :)
  8. He was later convicted in New York, in 1942 of trading with the ENEMY i.e. NAZI 3rd Reich ;)
  9. His son, of course, pederast, satanic child slaughtering occultist he is, murdered kennedy & took Deputy
  10. director, then director of CIA, then of course, the Presidency Having failed to take it 8 years earlier
  11. By once again, slaughtering a US president (Reagan assassination attempt ... Bush again .. who as Deputy
  12. Would of course, have been sworn into the Presidency, within minutes of Reagan dying Reagan, survived :)
  13. Bush, then got ELECTED in, by brainwashed Americans who can't work out SHIT
  14. And 911, and SCHERF 3 ... GW Bush (aka Bush Junior) was installed as DICTATOR of the 3rd REICH aka USA
  15. By blackmailed Supreme Court Judges, who of course, have no power, to decide, who is president of USA
  16. In common law countries, and US specifically, there is something called the SEPARATION of POWERS
  17. Of course, having got 911 lined up .. they had to have Bush in Presidency to run the cover up, so Al Gore
  18. Got a visit from Hillary Clinton, and told if he didn't STAND DOWN, from the court challenge, they'd murder

And we're not shy, on answering them, either:)
The White Rabbit! aka Freeman Money ... ;)

Op. #OTB Has Started 99% HEROES WANTED! :)

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