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Ever fancied meeting up with ET; in person, or IN YOUR MIND?   

Astronauts, give hints, too. :)  Building on from:

FLASH ET http://www.occupythebanks.com/2014/08/reptilian-et-conspiracy-illuminati.htmlhttp://www.occupythebanks.com/2012/07/drake-nasa-mile-wide-ufo-video.html  http://www.occupythebanks.com/2014/08/exopolitics-amazing-disclosureus-fat.html  UK http://www.occupythebanks.com/2013/01/exopolitics-child-eating-aliens-uk-usa.html  RT & FOLLOW > @censorednewsnow

Extraterrestrial Communication Protocol by Antoll MA

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(BREAKING)  ET & ED Communication Protocol  +     

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OVNI (that's UFO in SPANISH;))  Latest uploads (English language) & MUCH more!

And some of our own picks - Many in FRENCH Language

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Documentaire les Ovnis revelations incroyables ! - Fr 2013

Documentaire les Ovnis revelations incroyables ! - Fr 2013 by Ufologie TV

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Episode 01 - Zone 51, des Ovnis dans le désert - Documentaire 2014

Episode 01 - Zone 51, des Ovnis dans le désert - Documentaire 2014 by Ufologie TV
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Compilation de phénomènes Ovnis, UFOs Août 2014

Compilation de phénomènes Ovnis, UFOs Août 2014 by ★★CHANNEL'BuzZ★★
SHARE http://dai.ly/x2407wd/123013

OVNIS en France Georges Metz et Gérard Deforge

OVNIS en France Georges Metz et Gérard Deforge by association . Les Repas Ufologiques

SHARE http://dai.ly/xqkkme/123013

Les OVNIs : une Intelligence Artificielle

Les OVNIs : une Intelligence Artificielle by association . Les Repas Ufologiques

SHARE http://dai.ly/xgwegc/123013

Ovnis Accidentes y secuestros

Ovnis Accidentes y secuestros by Extremadura Digital SHARE http://dai.ly/x1bxwiu/123013

Michael Hesemann, Gouvernements, Vatican et Ovnis

Michael Hesemann, Gouvernements, Vatican et Ovnis by lefuretmulhousien 
SHARE http://dai.ly/xfbuw1/123013

Interview with Lacerta the Reptilian 

Complete, Both Interviews) Please read my description below.

"Published on 15 Dec 2013
I have the English version of the Transcripts, which I will gladly forward to you. Simply follow the link below to my "About" page where you will find my email address, (Click on For Business Inquiries) Please request via that email address, I will reply with the transcripts in PDF form.

What I have learned from watching this video (many, many times) is Amazing
I found the Transcript quite necessary when trying to grasp some of the more complicated insights in the second interview.

Please understand, while these interviews really took place and much truth has been revealed within them, there is also deception by Lacerta. Lacerta is from a working class of Reptilians, there is still another and they both serve the higher developed third species, the "Draco". The three species are very different in shape, color and manner. I suspect that the Draco did not originate on this planet, but wish for all to believe they did.

Their social system is similar to ours with various classes, except their rulers are very powerful in their own right. Unlike ours which are very weak, some of which also serve the Draco.

To help you get a more complete idea. Listen to the following video very carefully, for it to is very real, but includes "Zero" deception. However there is a lot of correlation.

If you didn't know, you're at one of THE leadiing sites, worldwide, for DISCLOSURE: 

Just some of our previous posts (a tiny few out of the 8000+ posts on site; MANY dealing with the relationships between Humans and Extra-Terrestrials, Inter-Dimensionals, and possibly HOLLOW EARTH peeps, of which, the above, give details.


- See more at: http://www.occupythebanks.com/2014/09/exopolitics-et-ed-communication.html#sthash.WPw6pgkV.dpuf

Isn't it time YOU got a GRIP on the ET/ED Ecology ...
Exopolitics & The Dimensional Ecology of the Omniverse: An Interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre

  1. Okay. I'm confused: WHO THE FUCK ARE THE NAZIS? NOW? bahahah :/
    Tweet text
  2. A tthe end of the Russians and Americans and Brits did deals with German NAZIS, you were likely taught
  3. a 'few hundred reocket scientists' we taken to the USA, actually it was 16,000 hardcore NAZIS and GEHLEN
  4. HEad of the SS, and thus DEATH CAMPS, was actually put in charge of European Intel (*can u believe it!) :(
  5. The Russians dug a fucking HUGE HOLE in the ground, stuffed the NAZIS in it and never EVER let them out
  6. Americans, how ever, gave them ALL new Identities, let them set up CIA / NASA And just 6 years later
  7. Prescot SCHERF (aka BUSH) tried overthrow USA by COUP in 1933 That's GHW bush's father :)
  8. He was later convicted in New York, in 1942 of trading with the ENEMY i.e. NAZI 3rd Reich ;)
  9. His son, of course, pederast, satanic child slaughtering occultist he is, murdered kennedy & took Deputy
  10. director, then director of CIA, then of course, the Presidency Having failed to take it 8 years earlier
  11. By once again, slaughtering a US president (Reagan assassination attempt ... Bush again .. who as Deputy
  12. Would of course, have been sworn into the Presidency, within minutes of Reagan dying Reagan, survived :)
  13. Bush, then got ELECTED in, by brainwashed Americans who can't work out SHIT
  14. And 911, and SCHERF 3 ... GW Bush (aka Bush Junior) was installed as DICTATOR of the 3rd REICH aka USA
  15. By blackmailed Supreme Court Judges, who of course, have no power, to decide, who is president of USA
  16. In common law countries, and US specifically, there is something called the SEPARATION of POWERS
  17. Of course, having got 911 lined up .. they had to have Bush in Presidency to run the cover up, so Al Gore
  18. Got a visit from Hillary Clinton, and told if he didn't STAND DOWN, from the court challenge, they'd murder

The White Rabbit! aka Freeman Money ... ;)

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