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Sometimes we become aware of things about BEHEADINGS; and at the moment, we can't talk or say anything about anything at all to do with BEHEADINGS; except where we DON'T KNOW any inside information (which for legal reasons, like protecting the ability to PROSECUTE people, need to stay POLICE matters for the time being) ...  But that doesn't stop us covering another BRITISH accented person allegedly involved in BEHEADING someone, does it.   And so, here, we FOLEY.  Underneath, we have US ATF planting EXPLOSIVES in the WTC, in 1997, and LONDON 77 BOMBING; MOSSAD admits it's role, and the massacre of British people by Israeli intelligence, to get British troops DYING for ISRAELI aims, laid bare; as usual, a hum-dinger of a post, from ... The White Rabbit!

"The first version was good enough to get scrubbed by CIANSA-tube, AKA YouTube after 55,581 views. Now, with even BETTER video analysis, it's back! See up-close and in the best detail possible, what REALLY happened - and WHY. A comparison is also included, as to what it WOULD have looked like, if the 'beheading' had been real.  The James Foley fake 'execution' is just about finished, as a staged pretense and excuse for another pointless war.

Confirmation - "Chemical Attack" in Syria was FAKE - YouTube

Fake Syria Gas Attack - the Kerry and Boston Bombing Connection

The Fake death industry -
Read more at "

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"Harold Saive
August 23, 2014 - 4:30 am

As a continued supporter of AE911Truth, I agree that conventional explosives least likely explain how several 20 ton steel beams were ejected from the core of the tower(s) to be impaled into the building across the street. Anything less than “nuclear” would have required tons of – difficult to conceal – bulk. To my knowledge Richard Gage’s group has never denied nukes as a possibility. HOWEVER…the hypothesis of mini-nukes does not take away from the evidence for thermite. All the evidence points to a “cafeteria” of methods planted in the building beginning in 1997 (or before). I personally interviewed 2 people who were tourists on the South Tower observation deck in 1997 at the time. Looking for a bathroom they crossed over a construction site “keep out” ribbon where they opened a door to discover many boxes of explosives being installed under direction of ATF. Life is complicated – despite what we know, there is much more that we don’t know."

Were you WATCHING SIGIL MAJICK TRIX TV; getting your information from MOSSAD Mind Control Central; you should be careful; the HYPNOTIC TRANCE, it's your ENSLAVEMENT

Dare you London 77 Mossad?

"7/7 and the Mossad: What was Israel’s role?
by Nick Kollerstrom
“It’s easy to put a truck bomb as we did… as happened in London.”–Juval Aviv, former Mossad agent
UnknownFor years I have kept clear of this subject.
My book, Terror on the Tube (3rd ed., 2011), about the London bombings gave a minimal role to Israeli agents, by way of manipulating the surveillance and security companies (ICTS, Verint Systems, etc), operating on the London Underground, that were clearly Israeli-owned.
It described Netenyahu’s apparent foreknowledge of the event, but drew no conclusions from it. However, things have now changed with a former Mossad agent more or less admitting, in a slip of the tongue, that they had done it. While discussing an explosive maybe used in the London bombings, Juval Aviv says: “It’s easy to put a truck bomb as we did … as happened in London.”
All comments below that video accepted that he had made an admission of the Mossad perpetrating the London 7/7 bombings. Watch it for yourself: "  Continues.

#CENSOREDNEWSNOW Mossad Admits London 77 Bombing

We've MIRRORED the video; and so, should you (in the public interest of preventing TERRORIST ATTACKS in YOUR home town.

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